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The Commandant General Royal Marines, Maj. Gen. Charlie R. Stickland, visited U.S. Marine Corps Forces Command Feb. 12, 2019, to discuss future bilateral training opportunities with the Commanding General of MARFORCOM, Lt. Gen. Mark A. Brilakis.

The meeting was an opportunity for the two senior leaders to strengthen the long-standing rapport between the services while also speaking about current and future operational advantages gained from training together.

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TET 69 Secrets

It have been 50 years since the 69 Tet offensive and now i ca finaly tell the truth about my service in the Marines.It is now declassified. On Feb 1 1969 i just finished my scout sniper training at Stone Bay Camp Lajune and was home enjoying 20 day leave when I got a call to return to HQ 2nd Recon. Once I arrived I was sent right away to a secret location near Onslo Beach.The only thing we were told was that we were shipping out to an undiclosed location. We were all issued a M-21 sniper rifle and loaded onto cattlecars.The next stop was Cherry point airbase. We were loaded onto C-130 cargo planes and imediatly took off About 10hours later under the cover of darkness we landded at Danag airbase in South Veitnam and were loaded onto covered trucks but still did not know where we were going. Finaly we were at our destiation Hue city. We were told to lock and load and to set up firing positions aroundd the city andd to shoot anyboby tring to leave the city.We were ther for about a week and lost Marines and We were then sent back to Danag again under the cover of darkness and told to never speak about waht we did.All any body need to know was we were on a training mission and the guys we lost were just lost None of us got any medals or nothing. I think I need a drink.

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The Trained Killer

I was stationed at Subic Bay, Philippines, 1967-1971, and provided Technical Services to the fleet on weapons and weapon systems. I was assigned to ComFairWestPac, Cubi Point.

There were several Clubs at Subic Bay. Two of the Clubs were the Cubi Point Officers Club, and the Skyclub at the Marines MAU Camp on the hill. The Cubi Point Officers club was a formal, quiet, and sedate club where Naval Aviators gathered to frolic.

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General Victor Krulak

I was visiting with the Gunny at the Recruiting Station in Flagstaff the other day, and he handed me the article that spoke of the passing of General Victor Krulak at age 95. Tears came to my eyes, as I recalled this unique, and most impressionable officer I have ever met. I had served as a Drill Instructor from 1957-1959, and at the end of my tour on the Drill field, I was given an assignment to Sea School at MCRD, San Diego, as an Instructor.

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Saved My Life

It was a Friday afternoon in November 2008 just after Thanksgiving. I stopped in the Worcester, (MA) Detachment Marine Corps League for a beer or two in the Leatherneck Lounge. The only one there was the bar manager Marine Joe Ricci. Within five minutes one of our few remaining WW II vets, Marine Carlo Mastrototaro came in and sat beside me at the bar. Within two minutes the door opens and the second WW II vet Marine Walter Maloney enters and sits next to me on the other side.

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Regular People

Sgt Grit.-

I have a story that I am certain every Marine can understand how exactly it was we felt. I am currently deployed with the Joint Special Operations Task Force-Philippines with a group of 23 Marines from 12th Marines Regiment in Okinawa, Japan. We are a small unit and don’t see any action, just supporting the command and the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police. Thanksgiving day rolling around for us means a good meal at the chow hall (one that’s not either microwaved or fried) and an extra 6 hours spent out on the road escorting some “Distinguished Visitors” from the US Congress. (I know most people probably have never heard of OEF-Philippines. But its real, Google it.)

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The Commandant of the Marine Corps, Gen. Robert Neller, issued a call to action to all “disruptive thinkers” within the Corps. A cultural evolution, filled with Marines that can come up with solutions to accelerate ideas to decision makers, that will lead the Corps into a new age of innovation.

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You can find Marines in any clime and place, but one place you don’t expect to find them is behind the scenes working at a Mercedes-Benz dealership.

Marines with Motor Transport Platoon, 5th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division, have been working as apprentices with service technicians from car dealerships in the Southern California region for more than twenty years.

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President, USMC Vietnam Tankers Association

USMC Vietnam Tankers Association

The USMC Vietnam Tankers Association will be holding our 11th biennial reunion on Thursday October 31 – November 4, 2019 at the Hilton Double Tree Suites Hotel Seattle Airport – Southcenter. Anyone who served with any of the Marine tank battalions or Ontos units in Vietnam . . . in any capacity is welcome!!!

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In July 1968 I arrived at Hill 861s and was soon met by a couple of Marines who took a look at the new Corpsman who delighted in calling me a “squid”. I thought for a moment as I had never been addressed in that term. I then asked them if they knew what a “squid” was. They replied,no and I informed them that a squid was something floating in the ocean sh–ng on Marine life. They then called me Doc for the rest of my time there over looking Khe Sanh. My second item to address is very close to my heart. It concerned a Marine serving with me in 1/26 Company C. We were patrolling the Ah Shau valley one day when my radio operator, a black Marine from somewhere back East turned to me and began trying to take off my Caduses. I asked him what he was doing? He stated he was taking off my insignia , so the VC would shoot him instead of me as there was a $250 bounty on me by the VC. At the time I laughed and told him thanks for the thought but reminded him that the same bounty was on him as a radioman. Al I remember was his name we used as SCOTTY and I do not remember where he was from. The thought of what had transpired Did not hit me until much later. This Marine was willing to sacrifice his life for me. I cannot think of a greater gift. Loved my Marines….RIP DOC John GOTT, Kia 1/26 Marines 18 DEC 1968 Hai Van Pass VN.

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