Have seen this before, not that way in July 1961 at SD. But, having heard “Hollywood Marine”, there was actually a movie filmed during boot canp with our platoon running the confidnce course in the background, with Tony Curtis as Ira Hayes, think it was filmed as The Last Man, but released as The Outsider. Honoring today one of our junior DIs, SGT E-4 J.J. McCormack from NY. Saw he was KIA in Vietnam as SSGT E-6. Saw him at I think Butler on Okinawa digging ditches as a PVT and told him he was too good a Marine for that, saw him maybe a year later on Okinawa as SGT E-5. God rest his soul.

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  1. Plt. 3058 Hollywood Marine, 8/24/1977. Had no idea what I had gotten into, just wanted to be different from my Dad and brother who were both Army. Rude awaking but damn proud when we finally earned the title MARINE. Would love to meet some of my old devil dogs, learned many things as a Marine, but the mental and physical discipline have never failed me. Proud Marine and would do it all over. SEMPER FI!

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