10th Marine Regiment

I was a radio operator and stationed at Camp LeJeune H&S btry, 4th Bat, 10th Mar. The year was 1954. My question is, what happened to the 10th Mar. Regiment?

My dad was a marine in 1920, my older brother 1952 to 1955. Served 2 tours over Korea. My younger brother joined me in the 10th in 1955. My oldest son served 4 years.

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  1. I was there also in 1970 after my tour in Vietnam. I was with 1st Bn, H&S and was a 2535 radio operator. Went down to Vieges for a shoot. A lot of long days, but movies and beer after running and gunning all day. I recently saw an article in Leatherneck mentioning the 10th Marines in Afghanistan.

    1. I was in Headquarters Battery 1/10 from fall ’71 to spring of ’73. Did the Vieques shoot in ’72. Too short to go down in ’73.

    1. I was in regimental hdqtrs 10th marines 1955, teletype operator. Vieques in 56. Boot camp Feb of 54. Camp mathews rifle range. Platoon 429.

  2. i heard they shut down 5btln 10th mar ? i cant say for sure but when i tryed to get word into co in 2014 i got a message sayin they got dispersed and are now 6th marines ? and outta west coase ! thats messed up ! but thats where they got that name the suck suck ass stupid decisions ! dont make any sense though seeing how its an arty batallion and sitting in another sand box !

  3. I was with HQ 10th from June 1973 to April 1976 as a CMR repair sergeant. Made the trip to Viequs twice. I met a squid from my hometown while on shore patrol the first time. I forget the names of the tubs we were on for reason. Never got sea sick even on general quarters until I had to clean up after CMR & Survey Metro crews lost breakfast and lunch in heavy seas. Mopping and sweeping I couldn’t help but add to the squalor

  4. Had tour of P/ R in 1954 or 55.
    Left from Camp Lei Jun N/C. aboard L S T….from Morehead City S/ C.

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