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  1. I was stationed with the 13th Engineers, Camp Pendleton CA. from June of 1968 to June of 1969. really don’t hear to much about them. I was to short to get out when the whole Company went to Vietnam in early 1968. Anyone out there that was their???

  2. The whole Company went to Vietnam in early 1969 not 1968. Sometimes dates get away from me. If someone reads this have a good day.

  3. I was with D company 13th engrs. I had a captain by the name of Killdale. 13th was sent to Vietnam January 1968 because of tet. I was short and was sent to 5th shore party . They were short of engrs.

  4. I reported in to Camp Pendleton Aug. 2, 1966. Spent a couple of days in receiving main side. They held a morning formation, asked if there were any volunteers for recon. Out of the 80-90 Marines in formation, NO ONE raised their hand! I received my orders to Lima Battery 4th Battalion 13th Marines 5th MarDiv. We were at Los Pulgas pending completion of the track vehicle park at Los Flores.The unit was M109 self-propelled 155 mm Howitzers. Also at Los Flores were the 5th Tanks and 5th Anti-Tanks (Ontos). In early March, ’67, I was transferred to WORK at the brig. I was never in touch with anyone in the unit again. The only info or history I have ever found is for Kilo Battery 4/13. They went with the 26th Marines. from what I’ve read they were under or assigned to, the 3rd MarDiv. I was at the brig until I managed assignment to Marine Barracks, Cecil Field Florida. I have wondered what happened to the Marines of Lima & Mike Batteries, 4/13. If anyone has some info, please reply. Jarhead64

  5. In 1966, I reported to Radio School 2531, at Camp Pendleton, I believe it was area 16. After radio school, I received orders to report to Headquarters 13th Engineers. I remember the theater, and behind the last wooden barracks, I forgot what company was there,but the stables for the horses were down below. The radio shack that we had to march to every day, was located near the old brig. Now today the area where the 13th Engineers were located, it is all housing for the enlisted. We as a battalion, never went to Vietnam, in the 5th Marine Division, the ones that were sent 26th, 27th and the 13th I believe , the year was 1967.

  6. For Russell Becker. The area wasb15. Across the street was the mess hall, no club, base housing. I was in D company just above were the horse stables were. When tetbkickmoff in january 68 the whole battalion was sent over to Vietnam. Never heard any thing from them again. The only thing I know is rhatbtheb5th was deactivated one or two years later.. some of the guys names I rember were Dunham, glass, Hatfield,bloom. One of the captains we had was captain Kildare. Were do live? I am from ohio.

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