16th Award Expert

As a retired Marine who served from 1981 thru 2001, the only ‘service rifle’ I ever knew was the M-16. I started out with the A1 in boot camp, shot high Sharpshooter (1 point out of Expert), but at the 500 yard line I was 10 for 10!
About the time I reenlisted we received the A2, I decided that if I was going to be a part of this ‘gun club’, I needed to get my act together and qual Expert. Thereafter, I qualified Expert 16 consecutive times. In my 20 years I only missed the 500 yard bulls eye twice!
While on Okinawa in 1999, I was able to score 9 out of 10 hits in the black with 6 in the ‘X’ ring with a 3 – 5 mph left to right breeze …at 800 yards! Don’t tell me that the M-16 is not capable of accuracy.

But I was able to shoot (recreationally) the ’03 Springfield, man, what a FUN rifle to shoot!!

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17 thoughts on “16th Award Expert”

  1. I have never believed that a ’16, an AR platform, wasn’t accurate. My issue has always been the impact.
    When I was active, we were taught to injure the enemy. The need for medical treatment meant that at least one, sometimes several, additional troops were removed from the fight to care for an injured comrade.
    Now, there is no respect for life. The enemy leaves his wounded behind, usually as a suicide troop.
    Give me a .30, an ’03A3, a Car and, an M1A, something that will stop the clock!

    Semper Fi

    1. Shoot to injure? What Marine Corps were you in. KILL! KILL!KILL! Always Kill. May be you are thinking of some movie that you saw. Bill0331

      1. Your Kill! Kill! Kill! brought back Boot Camp Mar/1964 memories to me. Thank You 0311/8151. 1964-1968

  2. Marine,

    My “Beef” about the M-16 in Vietnam is about functioning not accuracy. I believe the other comments Posted are accurate too, i.e; knock down power.

    Semper Fidelis,


  3. No.1 choice – M1 in .30 cal (.30-06). No.2 choice – M14 in 7.62 (.308). Enough said.

  4. It’s not that it’s not accurate, but at 6 to 8 hundred yards, it’s nowhere as lethal as 7.62 mm round. Nor as accurate in windy conditios, or vegetation thick areas ( jungle )

  5. To bad you never shot the M-14 7.62 rounds from hell! The best ever made accurate as the day is long! To this day I want one just to stay current,heavy,but oh what a rifle!

  6. We called them Matty Mattels in Nam because they failed miserably and cost us LIVES on hills 861 and 881. Give me a M14 or AK47 any day which I still own today.

  7. Started out with M14 but then went over to M16. I go with the M14. I was only a Marksman in Boot Camp. The country/farm boys really were the best shots. I guess they started out very young shooting. Me, never picked up a gun till I was 18. USMC 1972-1974

  8. It was a rifle. How did I ever forget. Our DI made us all get undressed, march around singing that song, holding our rifle in one hand and the other our fun.

  9. What,s a 8531? RVN, 8/66-12/68, 0311/8541 We traded our M-14’s in the bush for 16’s, we soon learned to keep our cleaning rods assembled and strapped to our packs!! I will take a Remington and M-14 and you keep all of the “M’ variants you want! We would gladly hump the extra ammo and not “whine” which seems to be almost a requirement today! Semper Fi!

  10. Back during my time it was 8531 Marksmanship Instructor . Might mean something different today. Nick 0311/8531 Worked Stone Bay at Camp Lejeune 69-70

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