1865 Marine Emblem Buckle

1865 Marine Emblem Buckle
Found a company that offers a lot of Civil War era memorabilia and replicas. Bought a brass puppy paws buckle that has the 1865 Marine Corps emblem on it.  A puppy paw, the belt is attached by way of three hooks on the back. Also it wraps around your waist right to left.
Anyway, I'm making a decorative belt for it. Some minor booboos that won't show when done (my eyes). Belt has U S Marines in the Middle and Semper Fi on either side. Will stamp EGA in when it gets here.
Semper Fi
Choo Choo
1968 – 1974
RVN 70 / 71

Correction – Story originally posted with buckle dated for the year 1859. The correct year is 1865.

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