191st Marine Corps Birthday

I came across a photo taken on the 191st Marine Corps Birthday, November 10, 1966 at the 1st Marine Regiment HQ compound about 10 miles southwest of DaNang. It has Col. Radics, front left and Lt Gen Nickerson, front right. I am on rear left and Cpl Rodriguez is in rear right. We were both assigned to S-2. I am also enclosing the menu.

Semper Fi,
J Kanavy, Cpl.

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4 thoughts on “191st Marine Corps Birthday”

  1. Cpl. Kanavy, were you with 1/2 AT Lejeune prior to VN? My name is ” Nick” Newman from Comm. Plt at 1/2 . Your name rings a “bell”.

    1. No, I went directly from PI to Geiger for ITR. 0300 MOS were a priority. I had and 0311 and after 20 days leave returned to Lejeune May 12 and next day to Pendleton for 2 weeks of escape and evasion training and due to go to RVN June 1st. They tested us for ability to learn language and I caught a break and with 62 other Marines was sent to the Presidio Of Monterey for 12 weeks Vietnamese Language school. Arrived 1st Marines Aug 25, 1966. When I got home I went to A Co 1/6. Maybe we crossed paths one of these places.

  2. General Nickerson was no one to mess with. In 1968 or 69 he came up unannounced to MACS4/B Btry on Monkey Mountain and was not pleased with what he saw. Rumor was he was ready to relieve the leadership. I know we worked out asses off for the next several weeks squaring away all the things he found wrong with the security of the hill.

  3. “Herman the German” Nickerson, CG, MCB, Camp LeJeune, January, 1966. Jack Adinolfi and I were reporting in to 2/6. Before meeting LtCol Weiler, all officers had to hike in from the back gate. We were almost home and walking on the sidewalk in the 6th Marines area. I heard a horn honk on the street, some distance from the sidewalk. I turned and saw the red flag with silver stars and saluted. Jack was too slow. General Nickerson’s driver jumped out and “requested” us to approach the general. General Nickerson quickly dismissed me and really chewed out Jack. By the time we got to 2/6, the general had already chewed out LtCol Weiler–even though the battalion commander had never even met Jack! Jack more than redeemed himself, awarded a silver star in Vietnam

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