1969 Mystery

On july 11,1969 Fox 2/5 2nd Platoon got a new Lt. at 6 pm late afternoon. He met with a Squad leader and several others before we set out on a 6 click nite move into the Phu Nuans as a blocking force for another Op. Just as we reached our objective the Lt. stepped on a box mine and was traumattically wounded less than 12 hours after coming to us. We who survive have tried to find out his name for years. We learned that he came to us from 81 Mortars at Phu Loc 6,and that his Father was a Navy Admiral. Another Lt. from Golf was KIA on that same hill moments later. It was a mine field and old bulldozed arty base hill 24 I think. As he left the field alive instead of KIA we have not been able to find out who he was plus not having a name to search is a problem. His stork is out there and if you know it please reply. Thanks

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  1. I served with Fox 2/5 from Sept. 68 to Feb. 69. I’m sorry I can’t help you with your search but wanted to say Semper Fi to another Fox brother. Good luck in your search.

  2. Try looking through Marine Corps unit “Command Chronologies” on the web. I have been there before, but don’t remember how I got there. Each MC unit submits a monthly report on its actions for the past month. Many contain names and billet assignments. Good Luck

  3. Each unit has a daily Unit Diary that reports daily activity such as Personnel strength ( gain and loss ) of personnel. Each unit has or had a “Reporting. Unit Code that identifies that unit.
    If anyone can provide that, than submit a FOIA request to HQMC.

  4. I was with the 5th Marine Regiment Scout Snipers 1967 1968. Don’t remember how I got to Phu Loc 6, and wasn’t there very long. Must have been just before TET and Hue. I remember the gooks motared us and we mortered them. We had a captured gook in our bunker for a few days until they moved him out. We drew a picture on a piece of paper of the B52’s dropping bombs on Hanoi, and he drew the tunnels. We drew bigger bomb craters, and he drew deeper tunnels! Funny little mother fucker. Semper Fi.

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