1st Annual GriTogether Saturday

Friday Night – Some out of town guests had a Pre-GriTogether

Andrew and Rosemary
Andrew & Rosmary

Grit Friends
More new friends!

Edith and Gene
Edith & Gene

Don, Glo, and Ma Grit
L to R: Don (Sgt Grit), Glo, and Mrs. Grit

Velcro and Pam
"Velcro" and Pam

David Bounds
Mr. David Bounds (right)
and friend

John Wear and Gene Hayes
John Wear & Gene Hayes

Saturday was the BIG day!!!

We had a UH-34D fly in!

Ugly Angel Ugly Angel 1
Ugly Angel 2
Complete with historical photographs
Ugly Angel 3


YL-37 Served in Vietnam from 1965-1968. The only Marine UH-34D Sikorsky helicopter with documented combat history that survived the Vietnam War, and returned home to become a flying memorial to all Vietnam Veterans who perished and those that survived.
This rare aircraft served with the squadron HMM-362, who were known as the "Ugly Angels" and was at our GriTogether.

We had a DJ

DJ Brandon

And a Blow-Up Marine

Pam and BlowUp Marine
Pam and the Marine

We had Lots of Free Food!

free food   foodline
food line 2   food and company
Check out that line up!
grillers   grill
Our Great Grillers – Look at all that Meat!

We had a book signing by some great authors:

book signing   authors table   melvin grant
Gene Hayes, John Culbertson, Melvin Grant (right)

AND some vintage cars owned by Marines

vintage cars

There were Marine recruiters with a Pull Up Bar

little pull up
Little One's Set the Standards

Gunny D
Gunny D trying to meet that standard

USMC Recruiters
Thanks Recruiters

There was the Dunk Tank
(all proceeds – about $150 – went to Toys for Tots)

Sgt Grit went first
Grit to Dunk Tank   Grit in Dunk Tank
Getting Ready then Getting Wet

Next was Gunny Davis
Gunny Heckling   Gunny Wet
Heckling the crowd then Wishing he hadn't

Last up – Sgt Shorma (US Army)
Lindsay dunk   splash
"Marines can't throw worth a……..*Splash*"

Moonwalk, Face Painting, and Free Tattoos for the Kids

Moonwalk   kids in moonwalk
HMMWV Moonwalk full of jumping kids.

facepainting   tattoos
J.D. took care of the face painting and tattoos.

There was a magnificent Traveling Museum from
Chuona Collectables – Chuck & Onie Gregg – Strang, OK

Chuona Collectables   Chuona Collectables 2   Chuona Collectables 3   Chuona Collectables 4

Chuona Collectables 5   Chuona Collectables 6   Chuona Collectables 7    Chuona Collectables 8

Chuona Collectables 9   Chuona Collectables 10   Chuona Collectables 11   Chuona Collectables 11

What else was going on?

Leathernecks Motorcycle Club Rode In

We gave away door prizes

Leathernecks meeting
Meeting in Sgt Grit's office

Riding in



There were cycles everywhere!

Gunny and Ashley
Ashley & Gunny D
drawing names


Everyone checked out our
great Marine Gear

pulling Marine Corps gear
Here's Kelly, Sue Ann, and Joe
helping customers

Sword Winner
Here's the winner of our NCO Sword

Poolee winner
Look a Poolee won!


Bulleting Board Members
Some Members of
Sgt Grit's Online Forum

Gerald Schneider
Gerald Schneider &
Don Whitton (Sgt Grit)

More Friends USMC friends

Visiting at the Gritogether

Thanks to everyone who came out to make this a great day!  We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.  And we'll see you next year!

Sgt. Grit,
 I wanted to say "MUCH THANKS!" for the grit together yesterday. Billy and I I drove down from Tulsa and enjoyed every moment of it! I got to thank you for doing and OUTSTANDING JOB!  with supporting those of us looking for quality Marine Corps Gear  and to you and your staff MUCH THANKS!
I'm looking forward to next years Grit together.

Andy Morris                                   Billy and Andy
Billy & Andy May 2004 Grit Together  –  Billy and Andy Phu Bai 1967

RVN 2/67 to 10/68
Radio Relay OP.
Semper Fi Bros!

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