20 years since 9/11

USNavy sailors and Marines pay tribute to the victims of the 9/11 attacks on the flight deck of the @USSARLINGTON. The ship is named after Arlington County, Va., and honors the victims of the terrorist attack on the Pentagon.

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3 thoughts on “20 years since 9/11”

  1. Too old to remember who said it but this is the truth. The civilian government must be in control of the military BUT they should describe the mission then get the hell out of the way and let the military do the rest. Micro management by the government civilians is always doomed to fail.
    As a mustang Lt. A/1/12 & A/1/3 Vietnam 68/69 I can tell you a L/Cpl could have handled the Afghanistan withdrawal better. Come to think of it anyone with common sense and no political agenda could have done better.

  2. I find it odd and at opposing views. CMC ordered all Confederate Flags on Marine Bases to be removed. The new woke crowd does not want to recognize any valor of anyone but U.S. (even though some of those fixtures have been defaced). So just exactly why, if the Navy is in on this “woke” crap, does the navy have a ship named the Arlington?

    Are they now the new Western Version of the Taliban?
    Win over Johnny Reb and put your own mark on decidedly a Confederate item?

    Keep in mind folks, Arlington was turned into a Cemetery by Union Forces with first internment next to the main house. Arlington was Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s plantation!

    My personal opinion is that we need to honor American heroes to include Union and Confederate of the Civil War. This is our heritage and if we do not learn the lessons of these conflicts. The Milleys of this world will get more medals for being even sloppier in the execution of their duties to where our own generals and admirals will be telling the enemy, who, what when and were our own forces will be at.

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