John Wheeler III was pulled out of the back of a garbage truck two weeks ago, maybe cut into pieces, maybe burned alive, maybe tortured, maybe shot, nobody is telling us.  However, the stories are now hitting, Wheeler suffered from demons, nightmares from his service in Vietnam.  This is bull. read more

This day in history, USMC

Jan. 27, 1837:  U.S. soldiers and Marines under the command of Col. Archibald Henderson – a serving Marine Corps commandant – defeat a force of Seminole Indians in the running battle of Hatchee-Lustee Creek (Florida). For his actions, Henderson will receive a brevet promotion to brigadier general, becoming the Corps’ first general officer. read more

Targeting the Taliban? There’s an iPhone App For That

An iPhone app that tracks down the Taliban has been developed by a U.S. soldier — who put $26,000 of his own money into the project.

The idea for a smartphone application to assist soldiers in combat came to Capt. Jonathan J. Springer in a dream last July, he said Monday. The 31-year-old, from Fort Wayne, Ind., has worked with programmers ever since to make the idea a reality. read more

Honor Vietnam Vets With Jane Fonda and Anti-War Protestors?!

Geeezzzzzzzzz these people never let up.  I got back 40 years ago and they still try to gig us every chance they get.

Sgt Grit


Fayetteville, North Carolina,  home of Fort Bragg, is planning a 10-day celebration and homecoming this November to honor Vietnam Vets.  Its a honor well deserved.  These soldiers, marines, and other vets served our nation honorably. It’s not their fault that we had lousy leadership in Washington that lost the war. read more