Parris Island Marine Drill Instructor Tribute

This is just a short film to say thank you to the hats here on PI! I'm a proud DI wife. I see just how hard these men work.
I really never knew how much hard work was involved in being a Drill Instructor. That is, until my husband voluntarily chose to become a DI, here on Parris Island. These DI's go through a grueling, 12 week training also known as drill instructor school. Afterwards, they are away from their families on an average of 120 hours a week! for 12 weeks at a time. No weekends off. No government holidays,…nothing.
After their recruits graduate as Marines, the drill instructor may get on an average 1-2 weeks off, Before starting 12 weeks on the recruits, all over again. For the next three years!
-There are no words to quite describe it. I've never seen harder working people. I'm very proud of them ALL! read more

The Marine Corps is the only branch that recruts people specifically to Fight

(Courtesy of Sergeant Major Dougherty)


The Marine Corps is the only branch of the U.S. Armed Forces that
recruits people specifically to Fight.

The Army emphasizes personal
development (an Army of One), the Navy
promises fun (let the journey begin), the Air Force offers security (its
a great way of life). read more

Female Grunts on the Lines? No Way in Nam!

In watching Fox News, some Pentagon Commission is recommending Female Soldiers for Grunt Units. This is all nonsense PC material. A Generalized Report which studies integrated Training, which always occurs under the best of conditions. The Female Integration Program to date, has had it's problems. Front line warfare won't work, without some serious cohestion problems. read more



Why Not?

Two United States nurses in WWII carry heavy combat packs on a eight-mile hike through the jungle of the India-Burma border area as part of their training before front-line war assignments. Before reporting for duty the American nurses learn how to combat jungle hazards and how to care for themselves and their patients under all conditions. read more

Marines, Mules, and the Middle East

How the U.S. Military is Training to Use Pack Animals in Afghanistan

According to a July 7, 2009 Los Angeles Times article, students at the Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center near Bridgeport, Calif., are learning to use the Afghan’s own traditional method of animal packing as an alternative to Humvees and helicopters. read more

Farewell of the Marines from Iraq

Farewell of the Marines from Iraq


Please pass on,

SgtsMaj, MGySgts, CMDCMs, Marines and Sailors, Saturday, 23 January at 1100 will mark the end of the Marines in Iraq as an organization. II MEF (fwd) will conduct a Transfer of Authority Ceremony with the First Armored Division without a Relief in Place from any incoming unit. USF-W (formally MNF-W) will merge with USD-C (formally MND-Baghdad) and will cease to exist. read more