How about I become a Marine who saves lives…

Twenty-four years ago my one and only child came into this world. Such a blessing. Back then I knew he was special, but I always tried to figure out why. Teachers from school, even his friends' parents commented on how they thought he was special, but they would just say we will know why someday. In May of 2001 the start of why he is so special happened. He walked into the recruiting military office in Woonsocket Rhode Island, straight past every military branch, until he reached the Marine Corps door, he entered and decided that this would be the path he would be honored to follow for the rest of his life. He also told the recruiter that he would certainly like to start out his Marine Career and duty with HMX One. He did just that! As his Mom you can imagine the pride I took in that.

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Voices of the fallen

Sgt Grit:

As a 50-something, Vietnam-era Marine, I am often asked if the kids of today, particularly our brother Marines, are equal to the challenges faced by the generations that came before them. I have never doubted them, and continue to be astounded at their courage and dedication as they fight their way through another politically-charged, unpopular war. Those who doubt need to read the special issue of Newsweek (April 2, 2007) that features the “Voices of the Fallen.”

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