Meet the Staff

Hey everybody would you like to see the process of your order? Let's meet some more of the staff! Let's go to CUSTOMS!!

Your order comes to the call center and one of many reps will take your order (we'll get up close and personal with each of them later) your order then goes behind the scenes! Let's say to the Custom's Dept. It then goes to their Manager Ryan (Yes he was the one dressed as a Rock Star for Halloween) from there it sent to the correct area in customs and made to order especially for you! His team consists of Cristina as team lead (Yep she was the Ninja Turtle) or Cassandra and Cherish in Embroidery. It could go to Will and Thurman in the screen printing and custom dog tag area. Shemiah on Vinyl decals. Lucy in Engraving or Andrea on custom mugs, signs, mouse pads and just about anything else special! Tune in tomorrow for where it goes from there!!! read more