More of Meet the Staff

The last time we left you on the order process we took a look at the Custom Dept. Where does it go from there? Let’s head on over to the warehouse where these people are hard at work all day receiving and stocking new product, picking and pulling orders, to packing and shipping to get your order to you in a timely fashion. More of behind the scenes activity…… We have Kelly (who has been with Sgt Grit for 11yrs. Now (and is totally camera shy) and David who handle the receiving and stocking of ALL products coming into Sgt Grit. So who’s pulling your product? Lenora and Sue are the main ones moving around the most! On to QC! We call her Eagle Eye Maria! If something is wrong she WILL catch it! If it didn’t get caught that means it was her day off! LOL! Moving right along to the packers making sure your items are properly packed and ready for shipping! Donna is our veteran here we all call her Momma D! We also have Tamila in packing she’s new to the company and we’re glad to have her! We cannot forget about the WAREHOUSE MANAGER! Crystal she keeps these guys and gals in check and her warehouse running smoothly she’s also a jack of all trades and not afraid to get in there and help any area that needs it! We’re all team players! So when these gals are done now it’s time to get the packages tagged and shipped out the door!  We Have Holly in shipping and when the tough gets going we have little ‘ole Sue come in and help. From here the packages are on the way to you! Run mailman run! Tune in next time to see who purchases our product! read more