Sgt Grit Embroidery – Stitching Out Marine Corps Pride

At Sgt Grit we have five embroidery machines that produce high quality stitching of text and graphics. We offer embroidery on such products as Hats/Covers, Jackets, Polo shirts, Denim Button-up shirts, Hoodies, Robes, Pajama Bottoms, Beanies, Canvas iPad Cases, Leather face mask, Leather Motorcycle Gloves, and Leather Vests… just to name a few. We also offer embroidery of Custom Rocker Patches and Marine Corps regulation Nametapes. read more

Become a Fan of the Sgt Grit Facebook Page

Did you know that Sgt Grit has a Facebook page? Well if not, now you know. Sgt Grit's Facebook page is used to help us keep in contact with the Marine Corps community. Marine Corps inspired photos, stories, new product, special offers, and events are constantly being posted to our page. We have over 143,000 fans and can't wait to add more. read more

Come See Sgt Grit’s Hall of Motivation

If you are a Marine that has “been there, done that” we are pretty sure that when it comes to Marine Corps collector items there are some things that you have not “seen them, saw that”.

When you visit the Sgt Grit headquarters take some time to view Sgt Grit's Personal Collection. Over 25 years of gifts and collectibles are prominently displayed along the bulkheads down the Hall of Motivation. Such items as the first product ever offered by Sgt Grit, a black t-shirt with printed Marine terms and jargon used during the Vietnam War era, a framed color photo of Marine Sniper GySgt Carlos Hathcock (White Feather) at a National Long Range match in August of 1965, and a framed letter from the 31st Commandant of the Marine Corps, Gen. Charles C. Krulak… just to name a few. read more

Get your personalized USMC gear at Sgt Grit

Add a personal touch to your Marine Corps apparel, decals, coins, and much more. We carry a large selection of USMC products that you can personalize with your own message. Whether it’s personalizing text on a t-shirt, embroidering your ribbons and years of service on a cover, engraving your information on a canteen cup, or adding a salty message to your own bumper sticker or vinyl decal, you can do it at Sgt Grit. read more

Custom Design With You In Mind

You want something unique, well-made, and personalized from an idea that you have had stuck in your grape. Well, look no further because Sgt Grit has you covered. Lynn Lam, our Customs Order Specialist, has the knowledge and the know-how to make your idea a reality. Whether you want coins, patches, t-shirts, decals, or mugs… Let Sgt Grit design you a customized creation you will be sure to love! read more