Squared Away Shipping With Sgt Grit

Remember the days of Boot Camp when you received your snail mail and packages from your Senior Drill Instructor or Junior Drill Instructors and you had to clasp the mailing while yelling out “Mail Received, Aye Aye Sir / Ma'am?” Some days it seemed like you waited weeks or months just to receive morale boosting words from family and friends back in the 'Real World'. Well, getting Marine Corps moto-gear and having it delivered in a timely fashion has never been easier, and here at Sgt Grit we pride ourselves in getting our products from our shelves to your doorstep as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our skilled shipping staff takes pride and care in making sure that your order is securely packed to protect against damage during shipping.

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Sgt Grit Newsletter Coming to an Inbox Near You

Since your discharge, have you lost contact with a few of the Marines you served with? Have you ever wondered what life was like in the Corps during WWII, Korea, and Vietnam? Have you served during a war era and have a few stories of your own to tell? Let Sgt Grit put your stories and images in front of over 379,000 subscribers with the weekly Sgt Grit Newsletter. The newsletter contains stories of peacetime and war, humor and sadness, and images that you won't find anywhere else.   You can sign up to receive the Sgt Grit Newsletter at Grunt.com. On the home page you just have to submit a working email address and you can start receiving our weekly delivery straight to your inbox this week. Plus, just for signing up you will receive $5 off of your next $25 order from Sgt Grit.    There are also special offers that you will gain access to that are only available to our Newsletter Subscribers. So what are you waiting for, sign up to start receiving and enjoying the Sgt Grit Newsletter today!   Want to have your story put in the Sgt Grit Newsletter? Just email your story and images to info[at]grunt.com.

Pass Down Your Story To Your Future Generations With A Sgt Grit Shadow Box

Let Sgt Grit narrate the story of your Marine Corps service with one of our shadow boxes. Our shadow boxes are made of high quality cherry or oak wood and will display our finest anodized medals, badges, ribbons, patches, dog tags, and devices prominently for you, your family and loved ones to cherish for years to come. We offer shadow box background options that you will only find at Sgt Grit. We also offer a uniquely designed Military Warchest/Shadow box. This product allows for the storage of larger keepsakes that you have collected throughout your time in service.

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Let Sgt Grit Engrave Something Personalized By You

Sgt Grit has always strived to stay a cut above the rest by offering high quality personalized engraving on such products as our KA-BARs, Cellphone Cases, Canteen Cups, Engravable Challenge Coins and much more.

Sgt Grit's Production Department has a 24″ x 18″ laser engraver and a diamond tip engraver at their disposal to carve your choice of personalization into many of our products.

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Let Your Identity Be Known With Sgt Grit’s Stamped USMC Dog Tags

Whether you're an Active, Reserve, or Veteran Marine, since your induction into the Corps you have known the importance and purpose of Dog Tags. Stamped with information such as your name, blood type, Service # / SSN, branch of service, gas mask size, and religious preference helps to identify who are instantly. At Sgt Grit we offer a variety of personalized regulation and novelty Dog Tag choices that you will find to be of high quality and squared away. Each set of our stamped Dog Tags includes a John Wayne style P38 Can Opener. To ensure that you remain Swift, Silent, and Deadly surround your Dog Tags with our stealthy Dog Tag Silencers.

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Sgt Grit Presence at 2014 Marine West Camp Pendleton Expo

Sgt Grit was recently represented by Kristy Fomin, Sgt Grit's Chief Operating Officer, at the 2014 Marine West Camp Pendleton Expo. Marine West showcases the latest technology and prototypes aimed at preparing today's Marines for the opportunities and challenges of the 21st century. From the latest advancements in combat gear to educational opportunities, this expo is geared to help all Marines succeed on the battlefield and in the classroom.

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