Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans – Welcome Home

March 30th, 2014 in the United States or March 29th, 2014 in Vietnam marks the 39th Anniversary of end of the Vietnam War. These Veterans didn't receive a grand welcoming upon their return home. Many of them returned from years at war just to fight another war in their native land. Over the years, Americans have realized the disservice and neglect that our Vietnam Veterans had to face back then, and many family members and organizations have made it their mission to ensure that all Vietnam Veterans receive a proper “Welcome Home”. read more

Sgt Grit Customer Service That Is Second To None

Many of you have dialed 888-668-1775, and have been greeted by one of our motivated Customer Service Representatives. This crew is dedicated to assisting each Marine, spouse, family, and friends with getting their order squared away. We pride ourselves on providing fanatical customer service that is second to none. From fielding call-in orders, processing mail-in orders, answering customer emails, and much more… Sgt Grit's Customer Service department provides superior customer service that even Chesty would be proud of! read more

Irish Sayings and Marine Corps Tattoos and a Story on St. Patrick’s Day

In honor of St. Patrick's Day we are highlighting some St. Paddy's day sayings and greetings along with some of the Irish tattoos and a story that have been submitted by our customers and fans. So whether your chasing a leprechaun or searching for a four-leaf clover, may the luck of the Irish be with you as you get older and older. read more

Let Sgt Grit Help You Spread The Word About Your Upcoming Marine Corps Reunion

It's starting to warm up outside, the nights are shorter, and the day time is longer. Barbecue pits are being ignited and everyone's getting excited because Marine Corps Reunion season is officially underway! Let Sgt Grit help you spread the word about your upcoming Marine Corps reunion by posting about it on our Marine Corps Reunions page. Submit a name for your reunion, group/organization that will be putting it on, the location, start/end date, point of contact information, and any additional information that those wanting to attend need to know, and we'll get it up faster than you can find a PRC-E7. read more

100s of Marine Corps Tattoos on Grunt.com

Over the last few years, customers have sent in 100s of motivating Marine Corps tattoos. If you’re looking for inspiration for your next Marine Corps tattoo or just want to browse some great tattoos, be sure to take our a look at our USMC Tattoos. If you have your own tattoo that you would like to share on our website, be sure to register and submit your tattoo! read more

Keep An Eye Out For Sgt Grit Marine Corps Specials

As most of you know, Sgt Grit is your premier location to shop for Marine Corps gear. What you may not know is that Sgt Grit offers about 30 Marine Corps exclusively designed specials annually just for our customers. These are designs that will make others envious of your moto-gear and they are only available at Sgt Grit. Many of our specials consists of short and long sleeve t-shirts, sweat shirts, sweat pants, shorts, jackets, KA-BARs and much more. read more