2nd Lt Support Co 3rd Service Battalion. Camp Mcterus

2nd Lt Support Co 3rd Service Battalion. Camp Mcterus

I put a comment on the page that seemed to be getting a few comments about 2nd lt Supt Co, and Camp Mcterus. I want to post some pictures to that page but it seems you have to start a new thread to post photos….so I am posting some photos of the facilities at Camp Mcterus. If these 4 photos are posted successfully I will post some more…I hope you find these interesting

L/Cpl Gerald Schmotzer 2111

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  1. I was in Ammo Platoon, Second Light..’61 and ’62. I recall Our CO …Lt, later Capt Long, 1stSgt Payden who served in Niceragua and pre WWII China. Some names I remember were Sgt E4 Ski, Sgt Kemp, Cpl Perry. Cpl Riggs, L/Cpl and Cpl E3 Gavlick, Sunday, Harlow, Casagrande, M L and M S Smith. We drank many a Falstaff and ate fried hot dogs at the slop chute. I seem to recall no coffee cups or glasses at the mess hall, bring your canteen cup or drink out of a bowl..I went on BLT 1/3 or 1/9, . We later moved to Hansen in brand new barracks for a month or so then to another camp who’s name I don’t recall and Quonset huts again

  2. Camp Butler was all Quonset huts when I was there in 1973 . Is this picture around 61 or 62 like posted ? That’s how I remember Okinawa , like in your picture .

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