35th Anniversary of The Fall of Saigon


The attached picture was taken at the National Museum of the Marine Corps in   
Quantico, VA on April 29, 2010. This day was the 35th anniversary of The Fall of Saigon.

The flags in the picture are from a quarter deck in the DAO compound Saigon South Vietnam;
1st Lt Bruce P. Thompson – Bowers had taken possession of the American and South Vietnam flags during our mission in support of The Marine Detachment at The United States Embassy in Saigon South Vietnam commencing April 25, 1975 and prior to our platoon be relieved in the late afternoon  of April 29th 1975.

These flags were presented to the National Museum of the Marine Corps on behalf of the
3rd Platoon Charlie Co
1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
3rd Marine Division (Rein) FMF

Presenting the flags to the Marine Corps Historical personnel on April 29, 2010 are members of
The 3rd Platoon from L to R
1st Bruce P Thompson – Bowers    Oakland, CA    Platoon Commander
LCpl Carl Stroud            Evansville, IN
Cpl Mike Dalrymple            La Puente, CA  
LCpl Jimmy Sanchez            New Braunfels, TX

Also if anyone knows the whereabouts of the Marines from our platoon please have them contact the following Marines:

Mike Dalrymple    cplmiked@yahoo.com
Jimmy Sanchez    j_sanchez_31@hotmail.com
Carl Stroud        bigdogcarl@aol.com    


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