3rd Battalion Barracks At PI

old 3rd bn barracks mcrd pi

I would like to send a photo and brief description of the old 3rd Bat. barracks at Parris Island that are being torn down. I was there two weeks ago, they are partially demolished, the bricks are being preserved and sold by the base museum to raise funds. The barracks were used from 1960/61 until three years ago. A new Bat. area is located a short distance away. I took some pictures of the shells of these buildings while standing on the old parade deck, many memories came to me there in the silence. Thought many old 3rd Bat. Marines would like to see what has happened to the barracks. I was there in 1961, they were brand new, and jokingly referred to as Disneyland by the 1st and 2nd Bats.

B.R. Whipple, Sgt

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      1. I was in Platoon 332 from May to August, 1963. Not the greatest memories I’ve ever had. Swamps were straight out the back of the barracks on the other side of roadway, then parking lot then swamps.

        1. The good old days. Platoon 349 July 1963. Senior DI Sgt Pete Frano, juniors Cpl William Baughman and Cpl Peter Sabat.

          1. Sure will miss them. Plt 336, 29 Jun – 2 Sep 1965. Semper Fi. GySgt USMC (Retd) ’65-’85.

          2. June through mid-September 1962. Sgt P.J. Frano was one of our 3 Jr. DI’s then.

          3. 1962 – Plt 341: Senior DI GySgt JP Delkoski, Junior DI’s Sgt PJ Frano, Sgt PE Prince, Sgt RL Vincent. Best 12 weeks of my life!

  1. I was in Plt 144, D Company, 1st Batt in 1961. We did indeed call 3rd Batt ‘Disneyland’ because of the brick barracks. We called 2nd Batt ‘The Twilight Zone’. We had the old wooden buildings that I suspect were built for WW II. I went back to Parris Island in 1985 or 1986 and I am pretty sure that there were new barracks then. The only old building still standing was the mess hall. I drove and walked the base, looking at the confidence and obstacle courses. The old Triangle PX had been replaced by a big new store. Memories came flooding back as they still do to this day. You never get it out of your head. Or heart. My Senior DI was S/Sgt Stanley Patton.

    1. I was in the old white wooden barracks in the 1st battalion in 1958. The 2nd battalion was across the parade field from us and the 3rd battalion was in Quonset huts were the commissary is now. If you were in the 3rd battalion and not in the Quonset huts then you were really in “Disneyland”. I was back in PISC in 2008 and everything has changed. The parade field is only half the size now, the confidence course back then is now a housing area and the old exchange is now part of a museum exhibit are if I can remember. I did get to see and talk to SSgt Taliano pictured on the “We Don’t Promise You A Rose Garden” poster and have three still today signed by him. I hope to go back to PISC in 2018 for a 60 year memory renewal. I know that many of the Marines that I went through PI are now guards at Heavens Gates along with SSgt Milroy. Many have gone over the same grounds since then and I am proud to have been one of them.

      1. I believe we were in the same platoon – 167, graduated oct 2, 1958. Donald (Jerry) McKeon, from the Detroit area.

      2. I was at PI In the 3rd Battalion in1958. Platoon 341was in those Qounset huts. Stood many fire watches. I saw those barracks being torn down last November. Played a little golf while there. Lots of memories! I remember our DI’s were Henderson, Schaffer and Coulter. Semper Fi

        1. I was in Plt. 334 S Co. 27 June to 22 Sept.1959. The 3rd Herd as the other Bn. referred to us. We were in Nissan Huts then. Head was in a seperate bldg. Bn. HQ was off the drill field, can’t remember where sick bay and PX were only went to the PX once or twice in my 12 weeks. Yes I was a “woe is me, woe is me, I’am a s_ _ t bird from Yemassee”. Who was threatened a few times that I was going to be set back so far thy would have to pump me air and sunlight. I guess i can I’am finally salty. Semper Fi last to know first to go. 3/2 and 2/9 Cpl (e4) Tom Corcoran

      3. Robert, was also at PI in 1958 over in the 2nd Bn. Plt. 2030. Believe it or not we also had a Robert Otto in our platoon . He was from somewhere in N.Y. We graduated on Feb. 20th ,59.I was discharged from active duty 1964. Semper Fi

      4. Remember the old wooden barracks well! I was in First battalion, platoon 437, from October 22, 1954-January 18, 1955. Went back courtesy of the CG, in 1995. As you said “things have changed!” My old barracks was the only one left standing. Took my grand kids over for a graduation and it was gone! Lucked up and got Sea Duty, made two “Med” cruises, left the Intrepid in January 1957 and wound up in 2nd. battalion, 2nd. Marines, the War Lords, at Camp Lejeune. Got out in 1957 and finished my college degree in 1960. Have not located many of my old P.I. platoon members and I guess attrition and the fact that some are left in ‘Nam is the reason. Still love the Corps and miss the regimentation. Semper Fi!

        1. Got to receiving on the 27th of May picked by 3rd Bn I Co DI’s on the 5th of June graduated on Aug 17, 1981 saw the old barracks when I went down to see my nephew graduate boot camp in April 2014 also brought back a lot of memories, place may transform but the concept does not change, the training still is intense.

  2. by chance i had a 1970 383 magnum hemi. my di was sgt. griffen. he was top gun, i respected him very much.he would run circles around pltoon 305. guess we were in those barricks in 1972.

        1. Was your DI Sgt. D.R. Kincaid? If so, he was my Senior in March 1973. Platoon 126, 1st Battalion. I believe our platoon may have been his last one before his legal troubles began. Semper Fi

  3. I was in Platoon 300, January to April 1961. Senior DI S.Sgt Jarabek, Junior DI’s S.Sgt. Ellis, Sgt Coville. Third Battalion CO Lt. Col. Fribourg, Company S & Series Officer 1st Lt. Appezzato, Series NCO Gy.Sgt Ragland, CDI Gy.Sgt Malay. Would have liked to see the battalion area again before the barracks were torn down. Sgt Whipple thank you for posting the picture. Many memories. Semper Fi, L/Cpl John Timm 1927XXX

    1. I I was in Platoon 302. Don’t remember who our D.I. were except for Staff Sgt. DeVow. He was a Chosen Frozen Veteran. Every night he was on duty he would gather us around and pass on words of wisdom about being in the Corps. .

    2. I was in plt 304 posting January 61 to may. SDI Rushing, JDI Doane & Bradford. Semper Fi Msgt Del Lozano 1961-1982.

      1. Msgt Del Lozano: This is the first notice of when my SDI, S/Sgt Rushing trained a platoon at PI before or after when I graduated from PI in Plt. #339 of the 336 series, Jul 7, 1961 – Sep. 27, 1961. I had been looking for him since I started looking for someone who had and could copy my dress blues photo from our grad book. SDI Rushing helped break in a couple of ADI when training us–one was Sgt. Fox. We had remaining ADI’s Sgt Long and Sgt Patterson. Sgt Grit sent me notice of one boot with me and in contacting him, he sent me a copy of our platoon pic but refused to assist me anymore for any copies of our platoon and dress blues photos, implying that it was simply too hard to do so. Ergo, my request was shortened for the dress blues photo as I am the middle person in a three generation Marine family and didn’t have my photos to give my son, John 1995 from Plt. #1050 MCRSD to place in an album with my Dad’s photos, Guadalcanal et al, WW II. As you know, the fire played hell with records from 1961 – ’62 with destroying most of those records. My DD214 was sent via a copy from records that the VA had and that’s all I could find. I lost everything else to a vindictive spouse years before my quest. I had suffered a severely broken back in four places during my last week at Camp Geiger. I was Honorably discharged under Medical conditions and when I tried to reup at the end of two years inactive reserve, I couldn’t pass the physical because I couldn’t carry weight of the equivalent to back pack/gear on my shoulders. (What I just had fixed in an operation was a crushed vertebra in my neck along with cracks in two more below it. It seems the M1 barrell caught me there as I fell but that damage wasn’t found until three years ago.) I had entered the Corps and sworn in at 16, shipped out just after my 17th birthday. My father had died and I needed guidance to find my own way in life. No one showed up for Grad Day, me being the only boot who didn’t come to share that great day for me. Sgt Rushing, who reminded me of Clark Cable found me in the barracks after the ceremony and took the time to sit with me and talk for about twenty minutes. It was the first time anyone talked to me in a fatherly way in three years. I wanted to find him and thank him while I looked for my book. Do you know where I could find an address for him? I am also looking for Sgt Patterson’s location as he ‘saved’ me a few times. I have searched everywhere for my book or pictures in uniform as in trying to get more records, I was asked to enclose a uniform picture so that they could keep it with whatever they found. This made finding my Grad Book even more important. I can’t believe that I can’t find anyone else to help me who graduated with me. Semper Fi. Pvt. Thearle J. Lacey, Jr.– 1970***. USMC TJLacey@comcast.net

  4. I was in Platoon 357, August 65 to Oct. 65. Senior Drill Instructor was Sgt. Hilton, Junior DI’s Sgt. Pope and Sgt. Payne. I visited Parris Island in 2014 and actually got to see the 3rd Battalion buildings, also walked on the parade field where we drilled , lot of sweat and pain back in the day. I managed to get a brick and take some pictures , I would have went into the barracks but my wife was afraid someone would come and chase us off the base. I’m so glad I went back , lot of memories.

  5. Platoon 371 arrived PI Sept ’61. SSgt L.E. Dickey Sr DI, SSgt A.J. Shumaker JDI, Cpl A.K. Britton JDI, Cpl S.F.Reynolds JDI. I was right off the farm and 17 years old. Barely graduated from high school – about as clueless as it was possible to be. A life altering event. When those DIs used my name and “Marine” in the same sentence at graduation it was probably the biggest thing in my life to that point.

    1. I was with you in 371 in Sept. of 61. Lots of memories. It was the best thing that ever happened to me. Semper Fi

  6. My father was on the Island in 1943. He was in a tent city until he got off the rifle range. Then he rotated to the temporary barracks of the 1st Btn. I arrived on the Island, January 1964 and was assigned to the same barracks that my father inhabited. The Corps has a very loose definition of “temporary”. Then disaster….the 1st Btn. mess hall went up in a ball of fire. So we were force by circumstance and commands to go begging at the 2nd Btn. and the 3rd Btn. for food. One cold, damp and dark morning at the 2nd Btn. the CG showed up while we were coming out and forming up from the mess hall. I really was surprised how many people didn’t see him or salute. I was dark, foggy and really quiet. But he was standing there a shining example of how many stars one man can wear and guys would just walk right pass. Nice thing, all of the Drill Instructors had the day off. Nobody died. Going to 3rd Btn. was a bit longer and a bit more intimidating. This was the home turf of one Sgt. Johnson. The only positive thing I could say about him is that he didn’t like my JDI. Other than that he was some one to avoid. Short, dark and a far cry from anything GQ would ever consider Sgt. Johnson’s platoon would make one “thump” and he never gave any commands louder than a low growl. I was soooo happy my two left feet never had to encroach on his house. Thank God……but six months larter, my brother, he gets to the Island and guess who’s platoon he picks to part of…..hmmmmm … there is a Divine Justice at work……..the sins of the brother…..

      1. I was a DI 3rd Bn HCo in 1977, and yes I have fond memories of the rose garden Semper Fi Jar Heads!

    1. 3rd Bn HCo Platoon 3000….Senior Drill Instructor Gunnery Sgt. Scott, Sgt. Sherman and Sgt. McGuigan Semper Fi! Memories that made me a Marine. It feels like just this morning I woke to the demanding voice of those DIs that prepared me as a Marine,

  7. Transformed into a Marine on the island through boot camp there June , July, and August, graduating 23 August 1963. Platoon 337 “S” Company, we were on the top deck. Semper Fi!

  8. I was there from August through November of 1964 (Platoon 379 – Sir). No doubt, i have fond memories – some good some not. But i do remember that we were housed in the best barracks on PI. (3rd. Recruit Training Battalion, Company Q. Thanks to the Drill Instructors, Sgt. Wells, Senior, Sgt. Ricker Junior and Cpl. Krause. Thank you all Gents for making me a honorable Marine. (PS. we won the” Golden Boot” for our Senior DI– that was great.

  9. Glad to see a story about our old barracks in SGT GRIT. While attending a graduation September 18, 2015, I walked from the Marine Corps Exchange down Wake Blvd. To my surprise, the entire 3rd Battalion barracks and mess hall were fenced off awaiting their demise. Our barracks, pretty classy in 1967 compared to 1st & 2nd Battalion, was on the corner of Wake Blvd and Atsugi St. The barracks with decks we loved to strip, mop, buff, strip, mop, etc. The decks upon where we enjoyed watching tv on our elbows until we were sufficiently disciplined and squared away. The squad bay where we recruits stood at attention forever, it seemed. Outside the barracks you could almost hear SDI GySgt Mortis calling cadence for platoon 353. Gone will be our chow hall where recruits stood outside at attention, while those sand fleas crawled in and out of our eyes and ears. The mess hall where we were accused of being “fat bodies” until we proved to all the DIs that we could hack the runs and obstacle course. All of it now going away. Semper Fi.

  10. I was a Drill Instructor 3rdBn India company 1995-97, a lot of memories and made life long friends. Spirit Discipline forever!!!

    1. Hey Skinner we both were in the same platoon, 346. Just read Sgt. Grit and saw your post. Looked you up in my graduation book. Semper Fi brother!! We graduated in Oct 61. The date on our graduation picture was 16 Oct 61. SDI was SSgt. V. Montemarano.

  11. Platoon 349, Mar ’67 to May ’67, great memories, yes, Disney Land but we were out of sight of the main base and the DI’s took advantage. 1st Bn was the guard unit for the Women Marines, glad I never had that duty. Will miss these, but not the memories. Ran into my Jr DI in Okinawa, he was on his way back for a second tour, He was an E-5 Sgt and I made Sgt E-5 at that time,RVN from May ’68 to Nov ’69 worked first with 2bn 26 Marines than with Ground Surveillance Unit 3rd Mar Div from July ’68 to Nov ’69. did sensor inserts, taught ground radar, to detect people moving and searchlights mounted on M151 jeeps. Sensor inserts were done with support from units that were out in the bush who had found trails that they wanted to surveil. Sensors were placed a long a rail for about 300 to 400 meters at about 100 meter intervals, at each end spotting rounds (WP’s) were called in to mark the spots where we wanted arty to fire on. I am very proud of all my Marines who worked with me on these mission. Also proud that we did not loose anyone while saving many American lives. S/F.

    1. I was in platoon 244, K Company and we graduated from PI in October 1962. You could have been on the same schedule as we were. Our platoon formed on Friday, July 13, 1962. Bright and early that morning, it hit the fan and it kept splattering. Always proud to be a Marine……………. Semper Fi

  12. Wow! I was in platoon 3010 L company. Graduated in early 2001 months before 9/11. My SSDI was Sgt. Charles.

    1. Sergeant John Powers Platoon 2025 August – 1967 I remember my days in the old white barracks of Second Battalion very well. The floors were almost solid white from our morning ritual of scrubbing the floors with Octagon Soap and then using our shower shoes to squeegee the water out the back door. Gunnery Sergeant Bruce was our Senior Drill Instructor. Semper Fi!

  13. PLT 348, Class of 1961 (Aug -Oct). Made a trip to MCRD PI 3/13/13 with my 12 year old grandson. 3rd BN’s building were vacant but still standing, including washracks, drillfield w/logos. Took pictures, looked thru windows and shared some of the memories that had alot to do with shapping my life.. Great day. Semper Fi

  14. I was in platoon 397 in 1972. My son (a Hollywood Marine) is now a Gunny stationed at Pendleton. I couldn’t be prouder!!! Semper Fi !!!

  15. I was in plat. 161, in June 1958… Wood barracks.. I did see the last one several yrs ago.. Last time I was there… GONE!! YEP! I’m an old grunt!!

  16. I was there in 1960 – Platoon 346. The pictures bring back so many memories. I will never forget SS Maxwell, he was one hell of a tough Marine, I learned so much form him. Being in the Corp changed my life forever. When 911 happened I was ready to go back in but my age wouldn’t let me. Semper Fi to all of my brothers and sisters.

  17. Plt 393, G Co., June – Aug 69′, we used to swab the deck with our own puddles of sweat and push the suds out of the hatch on our bellies using our shower shoes as squeegees (some very hot black flag days) Love thoese crazy hazey days of summer.

    1. I was in Plt 394, June thru August 69′. I think we were in the floor below 393 because every night when we hit the rack we had to yell out “Good Night Chesty, wherever you are” followed by “F— You 393”. I remember a lot of black flag days when we went indoors to do our pt.

      1. I was in Platoon 395, October thru December 1973, we were the last Platoon to be dismissed from Parris Island for 1973. Our platoon too would yell out “Good night Chesty where ever you are” Maybe telling Chesty goodnight was a 3rd Battalion thing.

  18. Yepper…….PI in July, 1967, Plt 2017, when the black flag came up our DI made us do PT inside those old wooden barracks with the windows closed. My sweat was in those floors along with many others who served from WW II, Korea and Vietnam. I felt privileged to be in them and it saddens me that when I went back to PI in July 2007, forty years later for a little visit… they told me the Corps saw it fit to tear those beautiful old wonderful barracks down…….seems nothing is sacred anymore. Semper fi my brothers…….

  19. Don W. Terry arrived Parris Island FEB 1964 First BAT Platoon 119 Drill instructors Johnson, Kurts, Plummer. What an experience.

  20. Platoon 3025 Late Nov. 65 thru Jan 66. Still remember running up the cement steps. Senior Drill Instructor was Sgt. Brown, Junior was Sgt. Sargent, Junior Junior was Cpl. Brown. Remember serving as a waiter on the Officer/NCO side of the mess hall on Christmas Day. Had fire watch on Christmas Eve. Memories and more memories.

  21. I can remember being herded over to our barracks like it was yesterday. Our Sr. D.I. was S.SGT R.A.Wilson that I remember, he was tough but fair. The cafeteria was to our port side as you looked out the back of the barracks and the chapel was to our starboard side.It was one of the hottest years, 25 days over 115 deg.’s.It was one of the best choices I made in my life, and would do it again if I could. Gung Ho and Semper Fi

  22. I was 3rd.Blt. Platoon 339 March 1969, SDI SSGT. Jones, ADI SGT. Snowman & SGT. Beeman, Great times, they taught us well.

  23. Does not bring back memories to me. When l was in 3rd bat, it was quonset huts and tarmac Streets and white rocks all around. We were located on the road to the rifle range. 1st. and 2nd bat were still of wood and asbestos siding. I swam aboard on June 26, 1956 Ribbon Creek was still the talk on the Island. Plt. 189 Sr. D.I . Frank King from Tenn. No. Yellow footprints or Simper Fidelis back in the day. I am in my 60th year of being of the “Brotherhood”, currently on inactive status, Simper waiting.

  24. I remember the old wooden barracks . We were the mayors Marines Feb. 1952. DI,s were Zimmerman and Murphy. Don,t remember t he squads or names. We went into the air wing,. The third wing at Opa Locka. I wanted if any of the old buddies are still around?

    1. I see you have been looking for some of your buddies also. I was in 1st Bn. plt. 80 or 85 in Aug 1 1950 for 4 mo. In all my years (86) I still have not found anyone. I put notices in all military places and no reply’s. I was there 66 yrs ago. I have been back once and there was 1 wooden barracks left and the rest were made of cement blocks. They said that they were going to save this wooden one. I am one of the origianl members that built the cold weather camp called “Pickel Meadows”. I was there when the whole place caught fire. I was a refrigeration spec. in the utilities plt of Serv Co 7th Eng bn camp Pendelton, Calif. Left there in 8/1/53 to Camp Okubo Japan and got out in 8/1/54 plus 2yr in reserve. Did that to hold onto my Sgt rank. You run across anyone in my time zone?? I’m going to see if I can get down to PI this summer.

  25. Wayne Rost…Snuffy…3rd Battalion…1960…..Staff Sgt.Poretta..Senior Di… Sgt.Chavose..Jr.Di…Sgt.Smith..Jr.Di…(Smitty)…..rumored to be only USMC.prisoner of war during Lebanon crisis…started in Necine Huts..went to Quanset huts..then to completed Brick Barracks..bad floors red stain..back to Quanset huts for graduation..any one remember? If you were in my platoon please contact me at crestlyn@comcast.net

  26. Like they say…”The change was for ever”..Platoon 368 – September/November 1960. Drill Instructors Staff. Sgt. Patterson, Flynn, & Jr. Drill instructor Willis. Graduated PFC…made Corproal E-4 under 2 years. Love the Corps…Proud to say I am still a Marine. Semper Fi.

  27. SEMPER FI, UNTIL I DIE…I was in PLT 140, “C” Company, 1st RTBN (Feb 23 – Jun 20, 1966..Senior DI was GySgt Lore)….in the old wooden 2-story barracks leftover from long before my arrival at PI…Memories still remain of seeing the “new” brick barracks of 3rd Bn when we traveled to the rifle range…can still hear the word “Disneyland” echoing from my DI… Fast forward to November 9-13, 2015, when a fellow Marine who I first came into contact with was in Vietnam, 1968, as I was a CPL 0331, and he came into my squad as a PVT 0331 straight out of weapons school at Lejeune (Geiger)…we made the 700 mile trip to PI to celebrate the 240th Marine Corps Birthday and 100 Year Parris Island Celebration…sooo different passing through the main gate in daylight….so different to see that almost “all that once was”, was now gone…the small wooden receiving barracks with 5 or 6 wooden steps, and a single man-door with a red-painted sign above (“THIS IS YOUR FIRST STEP”) is now an empty grass covered empty lot…the “yellow footprints” relocated down the street a few hundred yards or so to a “world class” Receiving Barracks with monster size entrance with stainless steel double doors…My, how times have changed…but, the ES’PRIT DE CORPS lives on, as is evidenced by the spirited young recruits and the Drill Instructors that will “make them into Marines”…teary eyes peeking thru the chain-link construction fence that surrounds the nearly demolished remaining brick barracks of 3rd Bn, we realized that nothing but “Apple Pie, Semper Fi, and the Marine Corps” is forever…oh yeah…and “Chesty Puller”

  28. I became a HardCharger in those barracks! Plt. 3096 – (1993). Sad to see them go. Met some of the toughest men I know there. Semper Fi 3rd Battalion barracks!!

  29. I was in Platoon 363, July to September 1960. The buildings were brand-new then…the putty around the windows was still soft. Drill Instructors were S/Sgt Metten and Sgts Williams and Freeman. I would give anything to meet them again.Any Platoon-mates out there?

    1. This is Hancock, PLT 372, Sept.’65. Call this number Monday 843-228-2166(PI Museum), and ask them to put your name on the list for bricks. I did this today and the girl told me they would call names in order of receipt. They have already gone through one list of names. So time will tell. Good luck.

  30. I was in platoon ” 291 ” in 1969. We didn’t have to many good things to say about 1st & 3rd battalion’s I have a chance to go back in 1993 when my son was in 2nd battalion ( the only real battalion ) there were a lot of changes on the island One of my brothers was with me he also was there He was there in 1974 We were both there for my sons graduation While there we were both stunned and shocked as we watched the recruits coming out of the mess hall As we watched at a drill instructor “correcting ” a miss guide recruit Lol. An remembering those days lol A recruit flashed out a yellow card to the D I. Then the D I stopped what he was doing and sent said recruit to stant n a doorway corner When we asked the D I what just happened He informed us that he had to give him a time ” WHAT A TIME OUT FOR A SOON TO BE MARINE. WHAT ? Some please tell that they have stopped this crap. Signed Distraught

    1. Skip Harrison are you kidding? “A YELLOW CARD” please tell me this did not happen. I was at Parris Island, Platoon 395, October thru December 1973. If this really happen, what in the world is going on with our MARINE CORPS… Chesty would NOT be happy.

  31. Got to P.I. on August 14th 1961,17 years old. Formed into Platoon 355, SSGT. C.W. Fox was Senior Drill Instructor. I can’t remember what I had for breakfast yesterday, but can remember every phase of Boot Camp. That experience formed the rest of my life. SEMPER FI

    1. Hey, Michael, if Fox who kept referring to himself as “El Lobo” was your SDI then, he was our ADI at Plt# 339 Jul 7, 1961 with SDI S/Sgt Rushing. He had it in for me and seemed to hate that I wore a St. Christopher’s medal with my tags. He pissed me off when he grabbed me by that medal when I was coming from the shower, asking me if I thought it would help me become a Marine. I told him, “No, but I expect it to help,” and glared back at him. I got decked because I didn’t preface my answer with “SIR.” His next problem with me was in class tearing down the .45 pistol and just as he warned us to hang on to the plug, my sweaty fingers allowed it to slip free from a few seats back, whizzed by his head and hit the blackboard, green really, behind him. Sgt Patterson walked by me as Fox’s face turned red, and Patterson slipped e plug into my hand. Thinking back, I hated that cocky little Fox and would tell him today El Lobo is for “Wolf.” Wolf has become my nickname when discovering my Native American heritage. I had completed tests that were given earlier in my PI stay and had qualified for OCS, so maybe he was wanting to give me a boot to Quantico. Thearle J. Lacey 1970***

  32. Platoon 384 August/Dcember 1960. Drill Instructors were S/Sgt Leach, Carrol and Patton. Will never forget it, a lot of memories and wondering if anyone else is still out there.

  33. I loved reading all of these musings from so many. I was in platoon 210 in 1957. S/Sgt. Dickerson was the DI. I would love hearing from anyone in that platoon…..Dick Brown

    1. This reply is for Dick Brown: SSgt Dickerson was your D.I. was he? He and I were together @Khe Sanh for the “77 day siege” (Fox, 2nd Bn, 26th Marines). His nickname as I recall was “whissle-dick” (so named by our 1st Sgt Dennis Thompson). Not sure if you ever learned or heard Dickerson’s first name or not – ready for this? “General” Dickerson. Can you image the guff & grief he must have endured from his D.I.’s?? Run into him and his wife @P.I. sometime in early 1970’s. believe he was on drill field w/2nd Bn. at that time. Did he call a good cadence, always figured he had the voice & rhythm for it. In Nam he could crack you up with something off the wall that would take your mind off of the situation we were in. Sure would like to touch base w/him. Gary Ross, MCRD SD, Plt 1093 (Honor Plt).

  34. April 2, 2016 at 13:15 On Parris Island January to April 1959.3rd BN PLT 306. Those huts really developed teams. Left as PFC.. In the Electronic Maintenance field for my 20+ years.2761, 2861,5931. Retired as Captain 5905. Was with 3rdBn 3rd Mar 1964, 2ndBn 1St Mar 1965-1966. Retired out of MACS-7. Very good memories of all the years. Semper Fi

  35. I was in platoon 396 S.Sgt Singer Sgt Bell and Sgt Anderson. Meanest man i ever met.S,Sgt Singer said what ever you do in life.You will never ever forget me,He was right. I still have the most respect for him. Mine was Oct 1974

  36. I was in PI in 1957 co 151 2nd battalion. After getting out out of the Marines I enlisted in the us navy stayed 24 years. I remember about every day at PI after all these years.

  37. It makes you wonder what was so bad about concrete block and brick barracks that warranted new barracks and tearing these down. I mean, do they need something fancy to train future killers? We are Marines, not Air Force …. LOL!! 3rd Herd. Platoon 3082, H Co. Oct 21, 1983. SEMPER FI Brothers and Sisters

  38. One of these barracks was definitely the one I was housed in with Plt 359 from 28 Jun 71 – 8 Sep 71. SDI Turman and JDI’s Simon and Polk. Seeing these definitely brings back a lot of memories of a very tough summer for a 17 year old kid. I’ve never regretted for one instant of having become a Marine, as its been the biggest accomplishment in my life, but I’ve never had any desire to repeat the summer of ’71 either. Extremely proud to carry the title to my grave. Semper Fi Marines!!!

  39. I was in Plt 148 of the 2nd battalion in 1948. Wooden barracks. Are they gone? When? From there to the Instruction barracks and on to Cherry Point.

  40. Platoon 160 Bravo 1st Battalion July 1964 in 2-story wooden barracks between mess hall and 782 gear hut. DIs Plummer, Wargo and Lane. The only time we had A/C was in the brick barracks at the rifle range. We went to PI in the late 80s but most of the 1st Battalion had changed but some of the old buildings were standing. Rifle range wa as remembered.

  41. Platoon 347 in 1962 ended up serving 22 years and my parade was at El Toro. Standing tall and retiring with me was LT Col Lang – My Senior Drill Instructor.

  42. I was there in platoon ( 346 ) June 1963 . Tour of duty was ( 1963 to 1969 ). Best years of my life was with the USMC . Semper Fi .

  43. PLT 324, May 1965 to August 1965, discharged 1971, back into the Reserves in 1982, retired CWO4 in 2006. Delta 1/4 in Vietnam 66 to 67 (18 months).

  44. My father was on the island during the 1st.War 1918, I was there in the white elephants plt . 162 in Sept. 1961. My son was there in 2nd. Battalion in 1990 .In 1961 3rd. battalion was called Disneyland.

  45. Plt 361 …stood on the yellow footprints in July 1964 and became a Marine in the barracks shown!

  46. Arrived at PI in the dark of November 22, 1965. Went through receiving the next day(hair cut, initial issue, etc) when there were enough to form a platoon we were marched out to the 3rd Battalion area (wasn’t really much of a march more like moving cattle) trying to keep up luging sea bags and learning that I may have made the biggest mistake of my young life. We were now Plt 3021, living on the third deck (we learned to get up and down that ladder way at the speed of light). When I close my eyes I can hear Sgt C. Krause yelling to move move move. I have never stopped moving. Sgt Bruce Friedman 1965-1969

  47. I was in 3rd Bn. Plt. 382 in August 1960. We were in Quonset huts for a while before going into the brick barracks. Drill instructors were SSGT. Rushing, SSGT. Moulico, SGT. Wilson, SSGT. Rushing was called the singing D.I. he can be heard on the Record Album “The Sounds of Parris Island” it was the most dramatic period of my life, one I will never forget. Was stationed in Guantanamo Bay during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Anyone else from Plt. 382 like to hear from you, I’m on Facebook. Cpl E-4 Patrick Scannell 192xxxx. Semper Fi.

    1. I arrived at PI Jul 7, 1961 and S/Sgt P. A. Rushing was my SDI, Didn’t know he was a singer but he always reminded us on the drill field, he never lost a drill competition. He earned my deepest respect when the time after our competition we sat before him on the barracks floor waiting for results. He began by telling us that everyone one knew and complemented that we were the best out there that day. But then he came back with, “We lost”. It got real quiet as he searched our faces and then looked down at his feet and said that it was his fault. Seems that the night before he was in the slop chute and had gotten a little tipsy. There was a gunny who was one of the judges near him and the way Rushing put it, didn’t like our SDI and they got into an argument. He apparently popped the gunny a good one. He was told that he’d pay for it which is why everyone was watching 339 on the drill field and commented as they did afterwards. He stated how proud he was of us and again apologized. I still hold that man in very high regard and was one of the reasons, when he told me about the OCS test scores and how to make it in the Corps as a “good Marine.” Yes, he is one great person in my life and took his place within me next to my Dad, who was a great Marine model.

  48. Semper Fi brothers. Where can one buy the bricks? Earned my most honorable title in 1984 with 3rd H Pltn 3047! GySgt Veater was the squared away Senior that took on a sad sack group of young men and made Marines out of them!

      1. Here is the phone number, 843-228-2166. Advise them you want to be put on the next available list(if any) for the 3rd Batallion bricks. They will call when your name comes up. Hope this is helpful. Cpl. Hancock, PLT 372 P.I. Sept ’65.

  49. I was in Plt. 337 from September 1956 until December 1956 and was in Bravo Company, 5th Battalion. We were in the Quonset Huts which is now where these torn down barracks are. We were told that P.I. had more recruits then than since the Korean War. Things do change!

  50. I was there Feb 2 till April 1963 Plt 309 Boy do those pictures bring back memories both good and bad!!!I was a Marine when I left there. I remember the DI telling us all if we screwed up we would spend all 4 years there not true but scared the crap out of us all.

  51. Platoon 222, 3rd Battalion, Graduated Oct. 1957. We were in the Quonset Huts. In Parris Island, I learned that I could survive anything and that nothing could stop me from achieving any goal.

  52. Sempre Fi. Platoon 362 (8/65-) senior DI S/Sgt. Giese, DI Sgt. Trehern Jr. DI Cpl. Cobb. Tough as S–t and makers of Marines!

  53. Plt 321 1966 DI’s Senoir Johnson, Juniors Sgt’s Devane, Perdue,and Pierce..I tell the stories, unless you’ve been there no believes them… Semper Fi…RVN 1967…Jim Albert

  54. Drill Instructor, 3rd Bn, 1967-1968. Graduated PFC from Platoon 168, 1962. Captain USMC (Ret); Director, Special Security, Space & Defense (Ret) Semper Fi to all!

  55. Hey you jarheads, i am trying to locate any one from plt 1110 c.company 1st batt.mcrd 1968 ,oct to dec 24 .

  56. I was in Plt 374, Sept. ’65. SDI was SSGT Barker; the other DI’s were SGT. ‘S Ross, Baker & CPL Odichowski ( recon marine ) John Ditmore

  57. Semper Fi brothers! Indy Co. 3077, May – August 1991, 3rd. Battalion was my home too. I scrubbed those floors many times with SSgt Harney, Sgt Vault, and Sgt Carpenter holding the whip. I saw a many footlockers bounce down the stairs, and a couple of mattresses fly out the windows, all by accident of coarse. I hate to see them go, but I have a lot of great memories to share about them. Many things must change as time goes on, but our experiences there are timeless. They can take the barracks down, but what was earned there can not be earned anywhere else. 3rd battalion was a special breed!

  58. I was in platoon 316 in 1961. We moved into the brand new barracks we came back from the rifle range.

  59. My son graduated from 3rd Battalion, Plt. 3013 in 2008. He was the Company and Platoon Honor Man. I was incredibly impressed and proud of him. Right now he’s stationed at Camp Pendleton. I myself was a graduate of 2nd Battalion, Plt. 270, graduated 23 Sept. 1975. Semper Fi.

  60. I was with Platoon 346, 5 July, 1965. SDI, Clyde R. Tadlock, SSgt. Edward Johnson, SSgt. Edward Dean Gould, JDI, Cpl. Butler. Throat grabbing was very popular with Tadlock. He was a monster, not very well liked. Gould would come around and play games with us like, air raid and flood. We would have to take everything off the top of the bunks and hide it under them for air raid and for food everything would have to be placed on top of the bunks. Used to love watching TV on the edges of our elbows and toes. Fun changing the channels with one hand supported by the other elbow. Anyone looking for bricks should contact the Parris Island Museum Gift shop @ 1-843-228-3166. God bless all my brothers who were with 3rd Heard. Sgt. Don R. Maurer

  61. I was in plt. 220 in San Diego. 1953. We lived in huts .And tents. And Dago wasn’t praised like PI, which is not deserved! Suck it up!

  62. Meant to post that SSgt. Edward Dean Gould with platoon 346 in 5 July 1965 was with 1st MarDiv in Vietnam and was KIA in and around 1968. He was like a father to us. Loved the guy. And miss him very much. I returned from RVN in 1969 and got to contact his sister Shryra Osborne. We corresponded for about 8 years. She got Cancer and died a few years later. She sent me a picture of Dean in his DI uniform. Semper Fi, Don Maurer

  63. I was in Plt. 3036, graduated Nov. 10, 1967. Chesty Puller was at our graduation. We all got to meet him and shake his hand. I don’t know how old he was then but he looked pretty old to an 18 year old, John Ensch Sgt. USMC.

  64. Wow. I remember the three story brick buildings. I graduated in February, 1966. The senior drill instructor was Sgt. D.D. Holmes, and he was backed by Sgt. A. L. McGinley, Sgt. E. G. Neidhardt, and Sgt. S. L. Rhodes. They did a great job, as these days I still get up at Zero Dark Thirty and can fall asleep in thirty seconds most anywhere. My platoon number was 306.

  65. Was in Plt. 361 July 1964, did 12 years, Ret. on disability as a S/Sgt. Back in Dec tried to get a brick, got run off!

  66. Patoon 374 sir! August to October 1960. Brick barracks with a grinder in back. Across the grinder was the mess hall. Facing the mess hall to the right was a chapel where one could get a cold drink of water from the scuttlebutt while standing in line to shake hands with the padre it at the end of the Sunday service. Many of us became religious because of that scuttlebutt, at least on Sundays. Ice cold water was a real treat. So sad to see the barracks come down. I am at the age where I can’t remember what I had for breakfast but I can remember every second of every day I spent at Parris Island in platoon 374. Will never forget senior Drill Instructor Gunny Kearney or the juniors, Staff Sgt. Wright and Sgt. Murphy. Would follow them to the gates of hell even today. Semper Fi my brothers

  67. T.J.Horton I spent a few week in the new barracks 05/23/1960 Plt 340 3rd Training Regt MCRD.PISC

  68. Thumpin 3rd Batt., Invincible I Co., Plt. # 3013…the unlucky bastards! Forever a piece of me!

  69. I graduated from Platoon 389 in Dec. 1964. Actually started out in Platoon 279 in Aug. of 1964 and about halfway through P.I. got injured and spent a couple of weeks at Beaufort Naval Hospital. l visited P.I. last year and took some photos around 3rd Battalion. The buildings looked fine from the outside. The old wooden barracks from 2d Battalion were all long gone, replaced by the red brick barracks. I will miss the 3d Battalion barracks and yes, even the old wooden barracks of 2d Battalion. Miss the Corps, too.

  70. Funny and a coincidence, as I was just talking to a fellow Marine today who was in the wood barracks of 2nd B in 1969 while I was in 3rd B at the same time. We both wondered if the brick barracks were still there. I was with 3064: SSgt. Long and Sgt. Statz were two of my DI’s. Colonel Parrish was base Commander. Great memories!

  71. 3rd battalion platoon 313—early 1972. Sr. DI Berry-Asst DIs Grace and Moore. Still Corps to the core.

  72. In 1981 INDIA CO 3016 I am proud to have been one of Thunder Third we were called Made me the Marine I am still today Lcpl Jefferson C.W.

  73. If I remember correctly 1st.Bn. was called Blood Ally when I went through in 1963. 2nd & 3rd Bn. were twilight zone & Disneyland respectively. Transferred there in 65 as a rifle coach / P.M.I. at range Bn. Thought I might finish my enlistment there & asked my girlfriend to come down & marry me. In 66 my wife realized she was pregnant & I got orders to Viet Nam. A & D 1/7 till 67. Went back to P.I. in 95 for our 30th. The Grinder was 1/2 the size it used to be. The Ist Bn. wooden barracks were all gone except for one which might have been my home for 13 weeks. It was two to the right of the mess hall. The 1st. Bn. CO. told me they were debating about keeping it and they were temporarily using it as 1st Bn. HD.Qtrs. Lived in base housing L-24 on Makin St. over behind what they used to call the Hostess House. Went back last year for our 50th, wooden barracks all gone, NCO. housing and streets all gone. Moved over by the road to range Bn. I think. A lot of history there for us & hundreds of thousands of others. Semper Fi !

  74. Arrived Aug. 1969, spent the first night in the wooden barracks at 2nd Battalion. Ended up at red brick building at 3rd Battalion. made fun of 1st & 2nd battalions old wooden barracks.

  75. Plt 3021 6 Sept – 12 Nov 68 SDI SSgt S.C. Magana, ADI Webb, ADI SSgt R.E. Dudley & ADI Sgt D.M. Churchill. SSgt Webb took the place of another SDI in the series who got sick. SSgt Dudley replaced Webb. Ran into SSgt Webb, 1970, in Subic Bay, talked for a few minutes. Sgt Churchill served in Vietnam with a brother of a recruit in the platoon. What are the odds?

  76. Arrived 19 July 1961. Was in Platoon 343, 3rd Bn. Remember the red brick barracks well. Our SDI was SSgt (E-6) McGreger, ADI was SSgt (E-5) Livingston, & ADI Sgt. (E-4) Ward. Sorry to see the barracks go. That was a long time ago. Hoping to visit MCRD PI, N.C. in Sept. 2016 for a small reunion. Well our old barracks will be another memory. Semper Fi Marines. Glen Bradshaw, Cpl. (E-4) 1961 – 1965.

  77. Plt. 321, graduated 6 July65. Step-son graduated in 2006, also 3rd BN. I have been back 3 timess, w/most recent visit inMar2006. The graduation ceremony was identical, or at least near identical to my 1965 graduation…I liked that very much.

  78. Earned the title 2AUG69. Platoon 182. SDI Gunny Charles Dotson, SSgt, Grey, SSgt Boone. I will never forget you, gentlemen. You changed my life forever.

  79. Such a sad thing to happen. Call me old fashioned, but I hate seeing things of the past destroyed and changed. I was a recruit at H Company in 75 and then served my second tour as a DI at 3rd Bn. Those of us that went through boot camp at the 3rd Heard have a unique bond as we were referred to as the “Black Sheep”. Those wonderful memories of the rose garden just across the street still linger in my palms…lol , or even the smoking lamp lit with buckets on our grapes standing around the wash racks….some of you will know what I’m taling about. IS there any info por point of conatact in obtaining one of the bricks?

    1. Yes sir, call this number , it is P.I. Museum 843-228-2166, and get your name added to the upcoming list. Oh, and it is tremendous to see all the responses on the 3rd Batallion barracks. Us ole salts stick together to the end. I was 3rd Batallion Sept ’65, platoon 372 “H” Company. Senior DI, SSGT R.J.Weeks, and junior Cpl. johnson(he was a Prick) ha. Ended up a door gunner in Nam with HMM-363 from ’66–’67. Spent the 4 years active and 2 years inactive. Still miss it some days. Semper Fi to all.

  80. And I forgot to mention my Drill Instructors; SSgt Davis, SSgt Gourdine, and SSgt Williams.

  81. After reading posting I really feel like an old salt —PLT 168 2ND RTB FEB1951-MAY 1951 SEMPER FI

  82. I was there 23JUN63. Lots of memories SDI SSgt. Brown held the whip with ADI Sgt. Kessler and ADI Cpl. McArthur. ADI Sgt. Waller (Motivation Plt. Leader) Many thanks to those Marines for making me what I am today. Hard to believe what it looks like now. Can’t remember the platoon number due to a complete fire loss of my home in 98 but if memory serves me correctly I believe it was Plt. 364.

    1. I was in Platoon 365 in July 1964 with Senior Drill Instructor S/Sgt Kwikowskii, Junior Drill Instructor S/Sgt. Shields. Currently I have a brick in the parade deck near the memorial that I share with my sons. Gy/Sgt Arthur Cochran, S/Sgt Arthur Cochran and Cpl Patrick Cochran. A PROUD father & MARINE!

  83. I was in Ptl.351,1962,R.Company.SDI.SSGT.Austin,JDI’s Sgt.Thomas , Costello and Blackfoot (will never forget them)Anyone out there who were in series 350-351-352-353 from July 20,1962-October 2,1962 please contact me,would like to have a reunion back at PI

  84. I must be the only t- rd left from the 300 series Jan-Apr 65. No sign, no sign, no smell from any one. I was in 305. Drill Instructors SSgt Ecklar,Sgt Holmes, Cpl Violette and world famous Sgt JL Thomas who kept me from drowning off the coast of Savannah while on Boot leave from ITR at Geiger. Here’s to J.S-it the Ragman who was always on the 3rd sh-tter from the right giving out all the straight skinny. Semper Fi till I die. Everybody get a brick!!!

  85. I was at PI June to August 67 3rd battalion, platoon #385 in those brick barracks. They were very new at that time. I can remember being on the parade deck with our metal buckets on our heads trying to do the right thing marching for our DI, and all you could hear was the buckets hitting each other when everyone was bumping into each other!! I wish I could have a picture of that!!

  86. Plt 352 – July 1963 / October 1963. SDI was SSgt Leo J. Harris, Jr. Di’s were Sgt. Marcolini & Sgt. “Belleau Wood” (don’t recall his real name).

  87. I was in PLT 357 in July 1963. DI’s were Sgt. Hendricks (prototype for the Marine Corp bulldog tattoo), Sgt Roy (biggest fists I ever saw) and Cpl Daly . Many bend and thrusts done on black flag days in those barracks. Went on to La Jejune, Okinawa, Vietnam and Pendleton,

  88. went to PI in the month of July, 1969. my platoon was 3018 and was on the 3rd floor of the barracks. I got into trouble with one of the drilling instructor and I ended up with the nick name, Shit bird. some thing I wasn’t proud of, but it made me a better marine. I left the marines in 1976 as a SSgt. I was proud than and I’m still proud to be a marine. I too, would like to buy some of the bricks from the 3rd battalion. just remember Marines, Semper Fidelis, once a Marine, always a Marine, take care and be safe.

  89. I was in Platoon 3051, I Co., 3rd Bn., July – October 1978. Our SDI was GySgt Bethley, our other DI’s were Sgt Grant Winston and Sgt. Donnie Freeman. I wish I could buy a brick from those buildings. That is where I started my 10 and 1/2 year career in the Marine Corps.

  90. Went to the Island in July of 64, I was in PLT369 in the then fairly new brick ovens and the only thing better was that we were on the 3rd deck. Many fond memories of that time in my life. Training that lasts a life time and changes a man for a better life. Vietnam 65-66 and came home a proud Marine. Semper Fi all my fellow brothers of the Marine Corps

  91. Was there in March 1973, PLT 126, 1st battalion. Senior Drill was: S/Sgt Kincaid. Great memories!

    1. Grad from 1st Bn Plt 154 14 AUG 1972 Sr was SGT BISHOP ASST/ SSGT KINCAID & SGT WISE Any Jarheads out thur from PLT 154 contact t.mont54@aol.com I am also looking for a Grad Book from 1st Bn – PLT 154

  92. Does anyone know why the 2nd bat. was called “Twilight Zone”? It is obvious why we called the 3rd “Disneyland”, but I don’t know why the other names. I was platoon 244 July-Oct 1962.

  93. I was at PI in 1966. Platoon 2069. Old wooden double deck “H” barracks. When we cycled out to the rifle range we stayed in brick barracks for 2 weeks. Then back to the same wooden ones. Lots of memories. Lot of time has gone past too. Hard to believe I’ll be a Marine 50 years this fall. Dammm!! When DID all that time go? S/F to all my Brothers and Sisters.

  94. July August September 1961 Platoon 339 SDI SSGT P.A. Rushing JDI’s SGT Long SGT Patterson………Semper Fi

    1. SSGT. Rushing was the best of the best, will never forget his cadence call, it was the best on the Island

      1. I graduated Magna Cum Maggot in 1960. Was back in P.I. 3 yrs. ago Brick Barracks were still there. Bought one of those Bricks last year, it comes with 2 photos of the area from the air, worth the $ 25.00.

    2. I arrived at PI Jul 7, 1961 and S/Sgt P. A. Rushing was my SDI, Didn’t know he was a singer but he always reminded us on the drill field, he never lost a drill competition. He earned my deepest respect when the time after our competition we sat before him on the barracks floor waiting for results. He began by telling us that everyone one knew and complemented that we were the best out there that day. But then he came back with, “We lost”. It got real quiet as he searched our faces and then looked down at his feet and said that it was his fault. Seems that the night before he was in the slop chute and had gotten a little tipsy. There was a gunny who was one of the judges near him and the way Rushing put it, didn’t like our SDI and they got into an argument. He apparently popped the gunny a good one. He was told that he’d pay for it which is why everyone was watching 339 on the drill field and commented as they did afterwards. He stated how proud he was of us and again apologized. I still hold that man in very high regard and was one of the reasons, when he told me about the OCS test scores and how to make it in the Corps as a “good Marine.” Yes, he is one great person in my life and took his place within me next to my Dad, who was a great Marine model.

    3. Tom Wheeler. I served with you in Plt #339 Jul 7, 1961 Sep 27, 1061. I kept remembering Fox when I thought of who were our ADI’s. I have been looking for our grad book everywhere since my vindictive ex burned my service stuff, including all my certificates, etc.. When requesting records I was asked to provide a picture of me in uniform but I don’t have one for them to add to my records at their request. Plus, as a three generation Marine family, I don’t have anything to add to my son;’s records of my Dad, him and me together in the family history. Do you still have our grad book and are you able to copy the last 17 pages (at my expense) for me. At the very least, I sure would like and need the dress blues photo they took of us individually. I am also on FB. Semper Fi. Pvt Thearle J. Lacey, Jr. 1970***

      1. TJ Lacey…Fifty plus years since 1961 PI Boot Camp…I still have my Grad 339 Biook. A little ragged after all these years..I can do this request for you… i will check this post every so often………I can text you the grad pix and arrange to copy the last 17 pages…….I need your contact imfo. Semper Fi

  95. November 1967- January 1968. Platoon 3071. SDI SSGT. Magana (one tough Marine), SSGT Greene ( a Taskmaster) and SGT. Taylor ( a Tanker Marine). They all pretty much nailed it on the head when they told us to stay alive in Nam, get you head out of your ass. Pay attention, sweat now so you don’t bleed later.

  96. Nissan huts 1959 Plt 348.Hat 1st bn 64-66.Vietnam 1/1 1967.Back to PI 1st Bn A co,Motivation Plt,Schadd,payne ,Robinson.USNH 6 months,pool back to Vietnam 1/7.

  97. I arrived at PI in July, 1958. Plt. 266, “N” Co., 2nd Bat. I am still amazed at how much we accomplished each day. I Remember the wash racks & cloths lines. Summer time was extremely hot on the island. Have some great memories of boot camp now that many years have passed. Best experience of my life. Our SDI was GySgt. Pete Balfour, JDI Sgt. Vido & Sgt. Graves. Truly “The Few, The Proud” USMC! Semper Fi!

  98. Is there anyone out there that was in platoon ” 291 ” in 1969 ..??????? Hope im not the only one left …

  99. Is there anyone out there that was in platoon ” 291 ” in June 1969 ..??????? Hope I’m not the only one left …

  100. Sept – Nov 1967, 3rd Bat Platoon 3039. I though those brick barracks would be there forever.

  101. PLT 303 SSGT Mills, SSGT Ward, SGT Chevers, SGT Young. Formed up December 29, 1963, Trained January 6, 1964 to March 18, 1964. I was honored to be the Platoon Guide and have never forgotten the Marines I trained with. On New Years Eve December 31, 1964 SSGT Mills who was being promoted to Gunnery Sergeant paced the quarter deck and told us that before we completed our first tour that we would receive our baptism of fire somewhere in Southeast Asia. God Bless my brothers wherever they are day. Leonard B Glasser CW4 AUS RET

  102. Platoon 346 Senior Drill Instructor Sgt. P.E. France taught me well in this battalion. Will never forget. Semper Fi!

  103. All you 3rd Bn guys, be sure to join up on the 3rd Bn Facebook page. Would like see you share your history and photos there.

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