7th Annual Gritogether

RSS OKC North gets ready to run! Going for a motovational run in the rain. RSS OKC South heads out. Customers wearing our t-shirts. Greg gets ready to play some games. First high and tights of the day. This gentleman won the OKC Memorial Marathon! Once a Marine, Always a Marine! She's still supporting her Marine! We brought in the heavy machinery! Poolees taking their IST. That beard is going to have to go! Poolee pull-ups This gentleman gave the Poolees a run for their money in the pushup contest. RSS OKC South has 87 Poolees right now! Color Guard provided by U.S. Grant High School in Oklahoma City. Have you ever heard hundreds of people singing the Marines Hymn? Our youngest Marine was 18 years old, and our oldest Marine will be celebrating 90 this summer! Tattoo contest winner. The Poolees did a tug of war for a chance to take on the recruiters. Everyone jumps in to motivate. RSS North took this round of tug of war. These guys look like they haven't even broken a sweat yet! When the Recruiters put up a good fight, everyone jumped in to help RSS OKC North Poolees. RSS OKC South jumped in to help the Recruiters. The newest Devil Pup at the GriTogether was just eight days old! MSgt Hurley SCHOOLED the Poolees with 86 pushups! The crowd was pumped watching MSgt Hurley! This Poolee went on to win the contest with 102 pushups! 1st Sgt Michael Davis provides some gentle motivation. Marianne found her new calling in life! Lilia has been in the market for a family sized vehicle. The Leathernecks arrive in style. The Showroom is squared away and ready for shoppers. The Poolees hit the dirt and PT. One of our youngest Devil Pups. Two of our favorite customers, Pat and Janet Burris, were celebrating their 63rd wedding anniversary! Janet says after all these years that Pat still does what he's told. That's Pat and Janet on the plaque, still going strong after 63 years! Southside Pooless watch Northside Poolees win again!

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