91 And Doing Quite Well

I met a 90 year old Marine vet who landed on Tarawa on the 2nd day, and after a short time he was hit and spent 11 months in the hospital. I really hit it off with him and his wife. I have been a scale model builder all my life. I made a diorama of an LVT landing on a beach with about 12 Marines around it. I built a base, painted it and my wife poured sand in there in layers spraying glue as she went to keep it down. I have attached 4 pictures of it. Do you think the guys that read the newsletter would find it interesting? Dave, the Marine is now 91 by the way and doing quite well. The story is about him and not my crazy model that I built with the help of my drill instructor (my wife that is).

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  1. Hello,
    If you don’t mind me asking, where did the Marine spend his 11 months and does he remember any fellow hospitalized servicemen giving him a gift?
    Just a shot in the dark.

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