A Father’s Final Message

A Father's Final Message

A Fathers Final Message

You never know when that moment will hit you and it always catches you by surprise.

It’s the thought of you leaving that rips through my soul and brings instant tears to my eyes.

Now those moments are more frequent as your time here decreases.
It will be most difficult on your mother as her heart is sure to break into many pieces.

But when you mix sadness with joy and add a tablespoon of pride.

Its outcome is peace which comforts the heart on each and every side.

You’ve taken our instruction and wanted understanding.

You’ve made parenting so easy with hardly any reprimanding.

So as we let go and watch you take flight it’s that Marine in your soul that will always do right.

I thank God you chose doctrine to obey and abideth.
For you are my beloved son in whom my soul doth delighteth.

Watch Pvt Smejkal's boot camp graduation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tidc-kIcM9A

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