On 10 November 1970, Commandant Chapman challenged all Marines, active and inactive, young and old, deployed or recently returned from combat, “not to look back, but instead, to look to the future.” He insisted that we celebrate our anniversary, “not as an end of almost two centuries of dedicated service, but as preparation for new service, new dedication, and new achievement.” Those sage words resonate across time and are as applicable today as they were 51 years ago.

Our Corps holds to traditions that link us to the elite warriors who wore the uniform before us, but the traditions we hand down through the generations go far beyond tangible displays, symbols, or customs. The most important traditions that link us to our past and must be carried into the future are the intangible ones — traditions of courage, trust, discipline, loyalty, respect, perseverance, adaptability, and leadership. Today, 246 years since our warfighting legacy began, we celebrate those traits that have been forged in all Marines — past and present.

The character of Marines, our unwavering commitment and relentless pursuit of excellence, remains unchanged from that of past generations, even as the character ofwarfare is ever-changing. These changes will require us to do what Marines do best — adapt and innovate to win any battle or respond to any crisis. Just as Marines who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan over these past 20 years adapted to the demands of protracted counterinsurgency operations — which would have been all too familiar to the Marines of 1970 — we will adapt to the demands of the present and future, while learning the hard lessons from our recent past. We can’t know for certain where future battlefields will be, or how our methods of warfighting will be redefined as threats to our Nation evolve, but we can ensure that the Marines who fight those battles will be forged of the same courage, spirit, and warfighting excellence as all Marines before them.

We who serve today represent an unbroken chain that stretches back 246 years. As we mark our anniversary, we remember those who went before us, and as we look over the horizon to “new service, new dedication, and new achievement,” solemnly swear to uphold their example of honor, courage, and commitment.

Happy 246th Birthday, Marines!

Semper Fidelis,

David H. Berger

General, U.S. Marine Corps

Commandant of the Marine Corps

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  1. Thanks for this testimonial and the reminder that Marines always stand up for our country. We must be sure to not allow traitors who want to overthrow our government with the lies that a person like trump who wants only to become a dictator. Wake up!!
    Semper Fi

    1. Stfu, shitbird. You are a fucking disgrace. You support people who openly commit treason by promising that they will tell the commies if an attack is planned and about to be executed.
      You should just eat a shotgun slug

    2. Step away from tbe crack pipe asshole. The real President Trump never mandated any unconstitutional activities like comrade biden has. Our economy is in the shitter, the CCP is laughing at us and biden is binding over to please them. Never happened I the real President Trump’s administration. LETS GO BRANDON

    3. Hey Frank if you wore the uniform you are a piece odd shirt who is so dishonorable. You are backing a government who is shitting all over the Constitution and they are openly taking freedoms away. You a truly sick POS who should crawl back to your moms basement. SEMPER FI to the real z marine who will stand and protect and defend the Constitution.

  2. Our history is what makes us Marines! Sure look to the future, but don’t forget what brought us to this point! Diversity and inclusion has always been part of the Corps, and we are all green! We don’t need “woke” to accomplish our mission or weak leadership. We are Marines, we will prevail!

    Major Roy E. Place, USMC (retired)

  4. this is our leadership?? Our leaders worry about being PC, diversity, and crt, and all that crap, while the chinese are gearing up to kick ass, and we are sitcking our thumbs up ours. We all saw how out military “leaders” got us out of Afgan., after following a fraud pres. “orders”. How’d that work out for leadership.Now we are faced with an UNPROVEN vax , and made to be a mandate, or a BCD, remember those shots for antrax? We got our butts handed to us in the latest training with the Brits, cause our “tatics” suck, and leave no room for thought, our leaders aren’t up to fighting, only being PC. I’m a Nam vet, and todays marines couldn’t cut it with out constant “supervision” by woke/PC worried leaders. Maybe we should add fish heads and rice, or pumpkin soup to the MRE menu, cause thats where we are headed, the ones that make it.

    1. The Marine Corps has lost its balls. Cryin’ shame. Next POTUS needs to clean house – and commander that recommended other than honorable discharges for refusing the jab should be immediately removed from service. Send a message that they swore an oath to the constitution not a person.

    2. Amen Brother.
      Berger is a massive ‘woke’ POS. Funny how he whines about ‘diversity’, but his whole staff is ‘white guys’.
      So now the he and his buddies have gotten their’s, fuck everyone else.
      He is part of the problem, along with the CNO, the entire JCOS (Milley is a communist sympathizer, and a traitor, and should be charged, tried and executed, along with the 10 officers who swore a ‘loyalty’ oath to him) and the CIC. The entire top half of the Corps, and the military in general, need to be relieved, and replaced with people who put the defense of our Constitution, and our country, before anything else.

  5. Some very good comments here and yes the Chinese are certain gearing up for a quick fight and they are testing us right now.
    Marines for 246 years have served our Nation most well with Honor and Distinction and developed a reputation World Wide.
    I have know personally many Commandants but not Gen. Berger. I am not happy/pleased with him in the direction he is taking the “Corps”. I am NOT the only one that feels this way. Many Marines are most unhappy also with the direction he is taking the “Corps”. And yes, the Leadership at DOD is much to be desired and yes, as stated, worried about Social Issues more than fighting some upcoming tough Adversaries. And yes it is coming….sooner than we think. Why do we have Marines in Taiwan now and Guam. Yep, some forward thinking in the “Corps” not too far back. The Commandant and Military Leaders NEED to study their History. I view Taiwan as a possible another “Wake Island”. You know what I am talking about.
    Thanks Marines for speaking out on your experience and history in the “Corps”. I thoroughly enjoy reading this Newsletter every week, and yes, made a few new friends here.
    God Bless you, the Marine Corps and our Great Nation….The United States of America.
    Chesty’s Friend,

    1. Hey, Steve! I agree with your thoughts, but why do you have “Corps” in quotation marks?

      And to pJarhead, you don’t really want POTUS to clean house, do you? He’s the LAST person we want to clean house! Who do you think he’ll have to replace them?

  6. Semper Fi to all brothers and sisters on our 246th! And to General Berger and all his “leadership” group, a hearty Bronx Cheer for all you have done and will do to our beloved Corps. I think most of us (older Marines) get distressed when we look, into the future, and imagine the outcomes of conflicts being lead
    by a woke Commandant and his merry band of followers (similar to Gen McKenzie in Afghanistan NOT those similar to LtCol Scheller). We Marines have a proud tradition and history…let’s hope we can find another Chesty to replace the present group (who are even too afraid to celebrate our birthday as in days past). Again, SF brothers…till Valhalla.

  7. Gary.
    “Corps” is in Quotation Marks is because it is short for Marine Corps and a proper name. Just what I was taught. If wrong, still showing respect to the Finest Military Organization in this world. And yes…most feared. Read where the Russians have used intelligence to see how Marines are trained!! And training now because like the Chinese, they fear “JarHeads”.
    Thanks Marine.
    Chesty’s Friend,

    1. OK, Steve. Perhaps I am wrong but I have always written Corps without the quotation marks. Other than that, you and I are in total agreement!
      Semper fidelis (and I never liked Semper fi–for me it’s always SEMPER FIDELIS!!!

  8. A job listing with the U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) seeking a “diversity, equity and inclusion” adviser with a starting salary of $144,128 is gaining attention on social media.

    The USMC is hiring the adviser to ensure that all “internal and external communications reflect diversity, equity, and inclusion,” or DEI, and to develop tools that “enable shifting the USMC cultural paradigm for diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

    Be afraid of todays USMC. It is not the USMC of our Fathers/Grandfathers. As a Vietnam Vet, I’ll always support Marines, but I won’t encourage anyone I know to join…

  9. Good motivational words nut they are hollow words. Especially since ypu are threatening our good Marines with discharge if they refuse to take the biden jab. This commandant is just a liberal in disguise waiting for his new job in the swamp. Please bring back the real President Trump. LETS GO BRANDON

  10. I totally agree with all the comments made in this newsletter with the exception of the very first comment made here. Frank Mullahey should look at who is the dictator sitting in the White House. President Sleepy Dementia Joe Biden is the dictator, not Donald Trump. As a former Marine that served in the air wing during the Vietnam Era, this Commandant is nothing more than a YES man for the current Administration. I took an oath in 1971 to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. I have never been relieved of this oath. LtCol Scheller is a Marine that I would follow into battle. What was done to him, was nothing short of a kangaroo court martial. He should never have been tried. He should have been able to resign his commission and be granted an Honorable Discharge. What needs to happen in this country is to take back the Congress in 2022 and the White House in 2024 with a Commander in Chief that is a STRONG Commander. That individual should be in the mold of General George Patton and our former President Donald J Trump. At least Donald Trump had Russia, China and Iran thinking twice about trying to take advantage of the United States. Semper Fi Marines and LET’S GO BRANDON.

  11. I am relieved to see that I am not the only one who sees what I see, and feels what I feel. The thought that occurred to me while reading everyone’s comments, is that it might just boil down to veterans no longer in uniform to defend this country from our enemies who are building warriors, and preparing for war, instead of worrying about what’s pc/woke/etc., because the current people in charge sure as hell aren’t training our war fighters to fight a war. We would not have lost the recent war games against the Brit’s et al, if they were. I’m willing to bet that the current…ahem…”leadership”, didn’t learn a damn thing from said war games. And if I’m not mistaken, it’s the only war game that the USMC has ever lost. Our current commandant is slowly dismantling the Marines….possibly under direction from his superiors. As one of the previous commenters said, “he’s just a “yes man””. biden, just like the rest of us, took an oath to “protect and defend”….and he’s NOT DOING IT!!!! As far as I’m concerned, he’s a traitor!!!…and so is anyone who supports him. Only a dictator blackmails, and coerces people into getting a shot. Again, I agree with previous posters in that the whole top tier of our “leadership” needs to be replaced with TRUE leaders who care more about winning a war, than what is pc/woke. November 2022, and 2024 can’t get here soon enough. Let’s go Brandon.

  12. To all who have responded to the first comment re: CMC’s birthday message, continue the march! Overwhelmingly, those who have served were forged with Marine steel. However, I fear for our future, as our society seemingly becomes more woke by the day. To whom will we pass the torch?

  13. Commodant Berger,
    Your Corps is not our Corps.
    We were reform school dropouts. Farm and city boys running away from home looking for adventure. We did not wait for, “time in grade” we made it on merit and/or comat experience.
    We shot first, cleaned up and then reviewed action. There was lots of collateral damage but we got more of the enemy.
    We won in Mexice, defeated Spain, liberated Europe in both WW1 and WW2. Tied in Korea and lost in Vietnam. I am not happy to say I won 1, tied 1 and lost 1. Let us stop being the nice guys and go back to being Marines. Gunny Bill

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