A Walk Through Memory Lane

Here’s a short walk through memory lane for those of us that were at MCAF Marble Mountain on 28 October 1965… Ron Jennings and George DeChant were both wounded in the Ready Room (Operations?) Tent by a Sapper. Our Corpsman (actor Tab Hunter’s brother) was blown up in the MedEvac bird and a few more squadron mates were killed or wounded. I have a sh-t pot full of colored slides with better shots of the whole scene including dead Charlies stacked in trucks with some missing their faces. They patched Jennings up in Japan (Yokuska) with humorous tale about his “adventures” in the Ville… Last photo was leftover Charlie grenades.

A Tribute to Vietnam Veterans Featuring the Voice of Mr. Sam Elliott

Jim McCallum
The Ole Gunny

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5 thoughts on “A Walk Through Memory Lane”

  1. I spent the latter part of 67 and all of 68 at Marble Mt .I was a gunner and crew chief on CH46 A lot of long day and nights .

    1. My unit part of CAG O was brought down from Khe Sanh at the end of the siege by a CH-46 crew to Marble Mountain 1968. When we left the pilots when straight up for 1000s of for which I was grateful having been there the whole siege and seeing many helicopters and planes being shoot up and destroyed for 90 days The 46 came up with hydraulic problem and we stopped at the Rock Pile to check it out then on to Marble Mountain. I wondered if it could have been a small enough world that we could have been on your helicopter, if so I’m truly grateful if not it was probably someone you knew. That was a really bad 90 days and rumors were we were going to have to walk out because we had several Montiyard tribesmen in our unit. Even though we were Marines the Base would not let us on base with them. They put us with the army special forces at FOB 3 since they had some also. Thanks whatever 46 it was
      Jim White

  2. I was there that night. Got hit with a c-ration can grenade at VMO area. I was a metal smith and patched bullet holes and painted everything Marine Corps Green. Cpl. Villalobos was my mentor. Learned a lot from him. Saw his name on The Wall at the dedication. Very sad time. I don’t have as many nightmares of that now but the memory never goes away. Semper Fi and Welcome Home My Brothers.
    David Christian

  3. We were just down the road a little ways when this attack happened. The First Battalion Ninth Marines helped establish that area at marble mountain. This happened before we became known as The Walking Dead in 1966. I believe the attack started or happened around midnight. There was a lot of sand in the area where we were so the first sergeant and I immediately started to dig and fill sandbags for a defensive position. Maybe it was just me doing the digging, too long ago to remember; but it was big enough for both of us, I was only a corporal at the time. There was enough light from all the flares going off to get really good pictures during the night darkness. We were all on alert because we thought were going to be attacked also. Nobody got any sleep that night and that was usually the case over there during that time anyway.

    Semper Fi my brothers.
    Staff Sergeant Lynn Evers 63-68

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