About the recent event that took the the lives of Marines and Corpsman aboard the amtrac that sunk. I didn’t know who to write to with my idea so I decided to post it on Sgt. Grit because many people read the stories. I’ll make this short and sweet. I was assigned to 3rd Amtracs in Nam. I remember being on many river patrols. Anyway I also remember launching off LSTs and LSDs. The crewchief always, always made sure that a crewman was down below with the troops on board to make damn sure no one touched the escape hatches and there was always a new guy that thought about it. I know nothing about the new tracs, nothing about the training the Corps gives new amtrac crews or the grunts etc. who may have to ride inside the cargo hatch. If I was the Commandant, I would sink an Amtrac somewhere, pool, surf, etc etc and train everyone on how best to escape one of them. I’m sure there is one somewhere that is deadlined that the Corps could use for such a purpose.

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  1. Dear sir I believe your idea is already in effect. I believe they train in a pool at Amtrac School and I believe there is one at Camp. Pendleton, This machine is supposed to have the effects of an aircraft crashing into the ocean.

  2. Based on what I have read about the investigation, the vehicle was in trouble for a long period of time. The vehicle had been slowly flooding and they were waiting for assistance. At some point the vehicle should have been evacuated by use of the top hatches but that was never done. They kept the passengers closed up in the rear and waited until it was to late. This did not just happen quickly, they had time to assess, they had plenty of time to have the passengers ground all their equipment and prepare to evacuate. They did neither. Hence the reason for the harsh discipline that is coming down, total lack of leadership and of making quick command decisions. I believe they were more interested in saving the vehicle then the people in it. When I say they had time I am talking 1/2 hour to 45 minutes maybe more, I forget the exact amount of time that the investigation revealed but it wasn’t minutes or seconds. Someone dropped the ball, and the Marines paid with their lives.

  3. I was in 3rd amtracs from 1966-1968 in the summer of 1967 we were located east of marble mountain next to the south china sea.a group of grunts came to our battalion to practice coming ashore inside our amtracs.the grunts would load inside while the amtracs were on the beach.the amtracs would go out through the surf until they were well off shore and the amtrac would turn around and come back to the of the amtracs while far offshore of the grunts thought the amtrac would sink and opened the rear hatch to get out.the waves started washing over the amtrac and filling the amtrac with the amtrac took on water it started to sink.five of the grunts drowned.we watched the beach for days waiting for the bodies to wash ashore.

  4. I also was an 1833. My heart broke when I heard about that tractor going down with our fellow Marines. I’ve kept the latest article concerning the findings on that accident. Seams there’s a lot of blame to go around. From “77-81” I was at KMCAS. Deployed twice on West-Pacs, I spent many hours “down below “ guarding that hatch, always, and I mean Always aware of “what if”. I pray for their families and couldn’t imagine what those Marines went through. God is sovereign and the most important thing in our lives should be to know , love and obey Him. Jesus Christ, to Him be the glory !

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