Another Marine Mom Poem

Another Marine Mom Poem

August is near
But September’s the month
That we will hold dear
When you grow older
Time usually moves fast
But this summer
Seems to last

Babes seem to grow
In the bat of an eye
So pardon me son
If I sometimes cry

Don’t worry about it
For they’re tears of joy
A man has evolved
From our beautiful boy

Don’t mind if I treat you the same
Please don’t scorn
For to me
You will always be our first born

It’s hard for a Mother
To realize you’ve grown
They want you forever
To be all their own

But honestly Gary
I’m willing to share
With God and Our Country
And the Marine Corps they care

Don’t ever forget though
If you’re feeling blue
Your Mother will
Always be there for you

And when you are happy
Remember me too
For I am the one
Who wished it for you.

It’s been over a year
Since I wrote that poem
We’re sitting here waiting
For you to come home

Your new mission in life
Is successful so far
The only hard part is
We can’t be where you are

Your Father’s big dream
Has now come true
You’ve become a Marine
We are so proud of you

So keep up the good work
We know it’s not fun
But we’re happy to say
“That Marine Is Our Son”

Semper Fi and God Bless

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