Back in the Blues again

When I was discharged from the Corps 24 years ago I set out to stay in Dress Blues shape figuring I’d be healthy so long as I was able to fit in them. The notoriously unforgiving form fitting wool coat would not allow an inch of excess flab and in order to get that cruel metal neck clasp fastened, I’d have to remain lean and mean.

Years of complacency and neglect led to what was rapidly becoming dangerous obesity. Weighing in at a whopping 268 lbs (nearly 20 stones for you Brits) I was staring diabetes, hyper tension and heart disease square in the eye and hoping I didn’t flinch. With the motivation and partnership of my wife, I was successful in dropping 70lbs in 6 months!

Fitting back into them and wearing them even for a short time was nothing short of sublime. Like stepping into a time machine. Like a dusty old Delorean the paint may not be as shiny and there are a few more miles under the hood but the now classic machine got the job done!

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21 thoughts on “Back in the Blues again”

  1. I have struggled with weight most of my life, unfortunately a side effect of a medication I was given for RA has cut my lung function to only 32% making exercise very difficult :-(, Like you I ballooned up to nearly 300#. But now I am at 240# (I was 233 at time of EAS) I won’t ever fit into my blues again, my career in construction after the Corps grew both my neck and chest so that won’t happen LOL I commend you brother on your weight loss, I certainly know how difficult it really is
    Semper Fi

  2. You look just like you are still a MARINE SEMPER FI, I sill wear mine (I left the Corps in 1959) still honor deceased Marines at their funerals.

  3. That is fantastic. Good for you Marine. Several years ago I was at the WW2 memorial and there was an old Sergeant Major Marine there in his greens. I went up to him and told him Semper Fi and that it was great that he had his uniform on and that mine had shrunk up hanging in the closet. He replied “ well you know what happened, you made too much money and ate too much”. His daughter who was with him cringed. I just laughed.

  4. Well done jarhead! Seems you’ve reconnected with the warrior spirit. Once you’ve got it (no earned it) all you gotta do is dig deep and bring it back out. KUDOS bro’

  5. I hate to be picky Corporal Mannino but had I gone to inspection dressed like this I would have failed inspection. Your gig line in is not straight. Get down and give me 50. lol

  6. Way to go, Joseph! You are a gifted writer!
    How many readers are saying “What is a Delorean”? My dream in 1980 that was never realized!

  7. Marine, that was hard work. I’m 63 and trying to pry another 20 pounds off my lard ass is not going very well, your example has given me a little more determination. For you younger Marines, do it now, it is a lot harder to drop the fat when you get closer to fossildom.

  8. When I saw the Delorean in that movie my first taught was what a Bad*%#€£ car.
    Marine way to go on keeping fit to wear the Bad*%#€€ Dress Blues

  9. 01:54 11OCT21
    Great story and this
    Marine’s accomplishment… is very commendable! But, less we forget…as we grow “into” being “Senior Marines” in both body and spirit…Its the “heart” beneath that uniform …not the uniform itself…that makes a Marine! Semper Fi brothers and sisters!

  10. Semper Fi Sgt. Grit. I know that I will never fit into my dress blues again but that does not stop me from pt-ing on a regular basis. I have been out of the Corps for 49 years but I still run 3 miles regularly and hum some cadence as I go. Semper Fi to my brother and sister Marines.

  11. I purchased my Dress Blues in 1952, piece by piece from cash sales. They will never fit me again. I have gone from a 28” waistline to 36” & from a 14-1/2” to a 16-1/2” collar size. My uniform has been again recently cleaned & pressed, ready for inspection. (Real polished Brass buttons .)

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