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    1. Why would you want this on a T- Shirt? The saying is as phony as the picture. Just my opinion, why does the M-79 man have M-60 rounds where is his ammo? Is he the A gunner too? You don’t get between the A gunner and the gun. Murray 1371

      1. Murray I humped the elephant gun. Just my rounds and a 45
        Your gunner observation… In the bush I’m going with the Gunner support just not in the picture

        1. The “Thumper” was our guys secondary weapon. ours carried a 16. Sometimes I would carry the thumper , i tink we all carried the thumper at some point. I also carried the 60 a few times. How far do you think that dude could carry that 60 without a sling? Nick 0311

      2. Just about everyone carried some belt-fed ammo. The 0331 Gunner needed that ammo in a firefight …. Most of the time the M-79 Gunner was just a little too close …
        Don’t know these things unless you got ofo your butt and went.

        1. Henry, what unit were you with? I am speaking from experience more than 10 operations with 1/9,2/9,3/9 ,2/26 and others. The M-79 man was a thumper not a gunner and he always had his ammo around his neck. This is a staged picture, probably taken in Tenn. or some other state. Just my opinion though. Murray 1371

          1. Maybe the “Thumper ” ran out of ammo. For sure this is staged. Probably Army guys. Harry 1371

      3. Picture is appropriate. Everybody carried M-60 ammo and a damn 60mm mortar. Those teams could not possibly carry enough by themselves so us grunts Carried it too. I’ve also carried 81mm mortars, radio batteries, and extra water when going into a hot spot.

        1. You are right, everyone was an ammo humper . But who has the thumper rounds? A thumper round weighs half pound so one guy could carry about 100 rounds max. that’s not including his other gear. He was usually cut a huss when it came to other supplies . Bill 0331

        2. John, They carried the M-60 ammo in ammo cans not string out all over. You grunts carried our C-4 sometimes if there was a large re supply. I was fuckin’ there I think I should know. I begin to wonder about some off you. Murray 1371

        3. Flak Jacket. When we went into the bush our skipper always made flak jacket mandatory . The rule was, If you need a helmet you need the flak jacket. These guys are probably POGs posing for their girlfriends back home. Nick o311

          1. I agree. Since when does someone who uses an M-60 have the belt draped over the ejection port?
            Hey Snowflake, a pig feeds from the left side, probably a bunch of National Guard getting a photo op to impress the girls back home.
            Who is the dude with the shades and goatee in the upper left?

          2. “Animal Mutha” would never approve this photo, the foliage behind these “bad asses” is North Carolina (Camp LeJune”, not Vietnam

          1. Nick, I was going to bring up the flak jacket, but in early 67 we didn’t wear them on the the first operations I was on. I think it was about April when we wore them and never took them off again. Murray 1371

  1. Outstanding poster! Thanks for sharing. Can one be purchased?
    Charlie K
    0311, I 3/26, 1966-1967
    CG I-MEF science advisor

  2. I like this and the idea of having a shirt. I am one of the so-called “Old Men” I am proud of my time served and while I have come to realize that we will never share the same glory as those Marines who fought in WWII and Korea, we are still proud of what we have accomplished and of the honor of having served our country. It is unfortunate that even today, our fellow brothers and sisters who risk their lives in the Middle East are not recognized for their contributions.

    All I can say is Stand Tall and Stand Proud!!!

    Sempi Fi
    Sgt T. Golden

    1. Sgt. Golden. I agree with your comments. At least those serving in Middle East are spit on.
      Yet Nam 12/67-6/70, with time off for hospital visit. Sgt C. Bryson

  3. I agree with the sentiment that, this as a shirt, would be ” BAD ASS “. I would gladly be first up as a VIETNAM VET to buy at least one, PLEASE.

  4. I was thinking this same thing as I escorted my Daddy to the barber shop for his Marine haircut. He’s had a rough year. Agent Orange has taken a toll on him, and I almost lost him this Winter when his heart stopped. Happily, the Gunny is still one tough badass Marine! He’s still with me, thank God and good friends!

    1. Suzanne,

      I hope your father, The Gunny, is doing well as I too feel his pain and the constant reminder of exposure to Agent Orange. I contracted non-Hodgekins lymphoma in 2008, endured 12 rounds of CHOP chemotherapy, developed peripheral neuropathy in my feet and hands, had a bout with polypcythemia vera (and I never even knew a girl named Vera.) Now the pulmonologist says the severity of emphysema is also probably related to this exposure. And to think that we did this to our own troops.

      I remember sitting in an ambush at a ford along the Song Cu De river, near the Namo bridge, when we heard the drone of an aircraft. He was flying low along the course of the river and liquid was spraying out the tips of his wings. We thought he was having an emergency, dumping fuel to make a crash landing in the river, so we reported it to COC. Well, they told us not to worry because he was just killing the vegetation on the river banks. In 1969, that was the first that I had ever heard of defoliant agents. But, I do remember there we fewer bugs and creepy crawlers than usual.

      Aging, especially for Vietnam veterans, isn’t for sissy’s!! Semper Fi!!! Top Pro

  5. If all these nam vets are so badass , why is Jane Fonda and her commie buddies still walking around and running things??
    John McCain was a communist traitor , I will also add.

    1. Well, Petey, why don’t you use a P-38 and scrape your asshole with it. That should be easy as it is just beneath your nose. You were not there, therefore, shut up. And you will never be anywhere.

      1. What is your basic problem other than being an all around asshole?
        I guess you have a poster of Jane Fonda sitting on that AA battery above your bed because your wife left years ago

    2. I think you need a serious History lesson about John McCain.. Jane Fonda is the traitor bitch! The nva offered McCain a deal to go home when they learned his Father was an Admiral , he turned it down! You are an ASS !

    3. I can tell by your post that you are a republican. John McCain was a hero! By MY post, you can tell I am a Democrat. We are all Americans and you need to get behind THAT! I served in Vietnam and was wounded and I’ll leave it right there.

      1. Your ASSumption is wrong Peter! I am a proud, clear minded, and common sense independent voter with libertarian ideals. Some say a Republicrat. I dislike both parties equally. “How can anyone be right if, everyone is wrong ?” Politics!! UGH!! Harry 1371

        1. Right Harry, you can’t be a democrat or republican, if you are a True Marine. Their DI’s should have taught them that. Murray 1371

          1. Harry, I have always had a problem with the prisoner of war being a hero. I seem to remember a code of conduct, maybe it was just for Marines. It said something about never being captured, and if you were to resist with every means possible. My question is how can you come back a hero, you must not have resisted. Murray 1371

          2. Hey Murray, The POW thing has come up before. Not sure. I do know the word Hero is tossed around alot. Would not ever want to endure what they did. so if they are not Hero’s then what are they? Not sure what UCMJ states but I think first is evade and survive or escape and evade and survive or something like that. Had one guy tell me once that all military should carry capsules to kill themselves instead of being captured. I think there is a rule about that as well. I still think that surviving as a POW is somewhat heroic, but that’s just me. Harry 1371

      2. There is no such thing as a democrat anymore. The party is controlled by socialist/communist. First it was liberials then progressives and now socialist/communist. Just like Ronald Reagan “I did not leave the democrat party the party left me” Nick 0311

      3. Pete…I know about Purple Hearts awarded for some of the “wounds” inflicted during service Vietnam. Some were awarded a Purple Heart for nothing more than a scratch caused by falling on concertina wire or a piece of shrapnel small enough to be covered with a band-aide. I am not belittling those who were seriously wounded, lost limbs, or even their very lives. Also, many combat veterans suffer from PTSD and/or Agent Orange exposure that resulted in much worse delayed health conditions or an early death. According to the VA; “Purple Heart recipients are automatically upgraded to priority group 3 regardless of the severity of their injuries or their income”…..and I’ll leave it right there also…..Cpl Bob, also a Vietnam Vet.

  6. First of all Happy Fathers Day to all Marines past and present, thank you for your service and sacrifice to our great country.Having served in Vietnam I would be interested in both the poster and a T-shirt,maybe Sgt Grit can make that happen.SemperFi SSGT L.Dodds 67-75

  7. OOH RAH
    Sgt. Johnson
    I agree with all my brothers this is a great shirt and likewise I too would like to see a shirt made of this. I too am up in age but I proudly served my country in the Vietnam war Can’t run like I used to steps are a little slower but I’ll be glade to open up a can of Whoop Ass And you can take that to the bank. now what’s in your wallet

  8. I also would love to have a shirt and poster of this. If anyone knows how or where to get one, let all of us know, semper fi.

  9. That “Bad Ass” would also apply to us Corpsmen, who saved a lot of those Bad Asses!
    Whether we were aboard ship, or deep in the Jungle, or stateside, there were more times than I can count when I told Death to “F**k OFF!” And it did!

    1. Doc…Thanks for being there when the Marine Bad Asses needed you! Without Corpsmen, many Marines wouldn’t have come home alive…….Bob 1381, Vietnam 66/67.

    2. What is one thing that a Marine will always take with them when going into combat? A Corpsman of course! Happy 121st Birthday Corpsman! ( 17 June 1899) SEMPER FI! Harry 1371

  10. Great comments, be proud of our service always — Semper Fi! RVN Chu Lai 66-68., MAG13 Ordnance. Thom DeJournett, SSgt.

  11. Thank you for posting and reminding us of the the Vietnam Vets . My personal opinion the worst and most unnecessary war our nation ever got involved in . USMC 1984 Love my country!!

  12. I am tired of all the bluster thanks Corpsmen for all that was done I was with 1st Medical 66-68 Chulai to Dong ha and stops in between. Never heard men cry about how bad they were just can’t wait to go home. I was so sorry for the ones I had to put in body bags after I pulled them out of the out of the shit. Please respect one another. Nuff said

  13. I found this as a metal sign at the Lee County Civic Center Gun show in 2019. The lady I bought it from said that it was a picture of her dad that she had made into this sign and I would never see it at any other place. She went on to explain that that she had the sign made to honor her father and there were very few left. I believed her as she seemed so informative and confident of the statement on this metal sign. It now hangs in a special place in my garage along with other Marine Corp signs.

  14. Hey – Even as a Corpsman I humped whatever was needed in addition to my Unit One Med Kit & back-up Battle Dressings, etc. Figured they may need extra ammo to cover my young butt when I had to do my Corpsman thing. The M-79 (Blooper) man likely had his ammo distributed around as well. I rigged up some M-16 bandoleers with battle dressings & a tourniquet and passed them out to my Grunts.
    They were more than happy to have their “own, personal” supply (‘Course, they didn’t weigh very much!) “You ain’t gotta like it, you just gotta DO it!”
    Semper Fi – “Doc” Lima 3/1 1st. Mar Div. ’70-’71.

  15. I’m so happy that everyone enjoyed the poster as much as I did. Of course, their not Marines, and the photo is certainly staged, but it’s the idea that is prominent. Semper Fi!!! Top Pro

  16. I don’t give a shit who or what you are, Pete, the comment about John Mc Cain being a Communist traitor clearly makes you a Trumpette twerp, whose opinion does not deserve to be posted in any military related forum. Say what you wish about our politics and politicians, but do not attack a man or woman who has suffered physically or mentally in combat in our military and call them Communist traitors. Donald Trump has neither served in the military, nor does he deserve to have an opinion about anyone who did, let alone anyone who he called a “loser” while he tried to screw every vagina he could while hobbling around on his traumatized, bone-spurred feet. Kissing Putin’s ass doesn’t qualify one as a winner.

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