I just read the 3 May News Letter and am replying to "FORMER HAT..  August 1979 to Nov 1980, I was at PISC on my second tour as a Drill Instructor with "B" Co, 1st Bn (1st Tour was in "A" Co 1st Bn)  I was honored to have been on the same Island as Lieutenant Colonels Livingston and Barnum, both being holders of the MOH.  However, in 1st Bn we had LtCol Ron Christmas who was a Navy Cross holder for service at Hue.  When we would have a Friday Parade Col Christmas would march us out on the Parade deck  and leave us at Attention and go and salute the other two Bn Co's, return and give us At Ease. 

In November 1980 I was selected for 1st Sgt and started 1st  Sgt School, in December I was promoted to 1st Sgt and assigned to Support Co.  One day I was running the Loop alone and from no where a Marine appeared by my side.  It was LtCol Livingston, who ask if he could run with me.  I replied "Yes" We began to ask questions and i told him I was honored to run with him.  In the days to come he would call me up and say "I will pick you up in a few minutes to go and run."  He could run my a$$ off and I was two years younger than he. 

Those were the Good Old Days

Semper Fidelis     Raymond Edwards Sgt Maj USMC Retired 1966-1996  10 yr and 9 mo TIG

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