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  1. I just finished reading this book I thought it was a great read.The reason I bought the book is because I was wounded on the morning of July 5th 1967,after being in country only 28 days.I believe it was operation Buffalo,or Cimmeron? I was assigned to F/2/9/3rd Marine division.Because I was there such a short time I really didn’t get to know names,or maybe because we were always under heavy fire and I was more focused on staying alive,that I don’t remember names.at any rate the book was purchased so my children would better understand what I did over there.My M.O.S.was 0351,To my recollection,the 3rd of July I remember hearing rumors of B/2/9 was being overrun by the NVA?on the eve of the 4th we were getting heavy fire and NVA were in our area heavy.We moved to higher ground that evening,we got hit hard by mortars the morning of the 5th,and I was medivacd.Semper Fi.Lynn B Webster L/CPL.

    1. what is the website for ordering your book i severd as a disbursing clreck to 1st battalion 9th marines at camp hansen i was billited with a/1-9-3 did both my times stationed on okinawa so we probly visted the same bars in kin villige semper fi. brother sgt t.a dicks 2008269/3421

      1. I was stationed at Camp Courtney, 3rd. Marine Headquarters. Worked in Security Platoon and ran the Armory which had M60 Machine guns, 45 Pistols, binoculars, etc. I was in the same building that housed the Supply distribution. Stationed there from 1964 to 1965. All the buildings were concrete and Typhoon proof.
        March of 1965 they packed up the whole 3rd. Marine Division and were sent to Da Nang to guard the air base. I watched the men from Camp Hansen and equipment helicoptered out to a waiting ship. Me and another guy were due to get discharged soon did not go to Vietnam. I went back to the states and was discharged in Jun 1965 from San Diego, Calif. And to this day I felt very lucky that I did not make it there. I respect all those who did and those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. My heart says Semper Fi.

    2. Lynn,
      I don’t know how much success you’ve had in finding guys from F/2/9, but the 3rd Marine Division Association might be a good place to look. We hold annual reunions every year in different parts of the USA. in 2020 we’ll be in Washington DC, the Chicago area will welcome us in 2021. San Diego is reserved for 2022, this is where the division was formed in Sept. 1942, so 2022 will be the 80th year of the division. We still have a few WWII vets join us. In 2023 we will be in Ft. Worth, TX. It would be great if you could join us one of these years. We won’t even require you to be a part of the association, at least not at your first reunion. You can get more information by going to our web site, caltrap.com. One of these days soon there will be information on the upcoming reunion in DC.
      Semper Fi Brother and welcome home.

    3. Clarence Powell, KheSanh April and May 1967..THE HILL BATTLES..FOX COMPANY 2/3 3RD MARDIV. I still say a prayer for 1/9 as well as those with 2/3…May 9th WIA…26 KIA…19 WIA. I was a lucky bastard but still have have haunting memories. Semper Fi to all WARRIORS CALLED MARINE.

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