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  1. How did you get such good seats?!?? In ’69 we were so far away that you needed binoculars to see the stage, and could barely hear anything. Semper Fi!!! Top Pro

    1. I too saw the Bob Hope Show, in Dec 1966 in Da Nang. Only in country for a couple of weeks really had no interest to go but we were order to go. Don’t remember a very big crowd. I remember being in close though, could see the smile on Bob Hope and Joey Heatherton’s Faces. After I remember I was glad I did go, they were really good. I think they might have done more than one show that day. That would account for the different sized crowds. That was the first of my history making adventures, with a lot in between, and The last being on Nixon’s first 50,000 pulled out in Aug69 the war was over. Don’t know what all you guys are talking about in 1970. ( personal Joke don’t get pissed) Murray 1371 Vietnam Dec66-Aug68 back May69 to Aug69.

      1. Was never able to attend a Bob Hope Show, did see one small USO show once on a Hill south of Danang , can’t remember exactly where, but it was a small Rock n’ roll band from either Australia or New Zealand. Not to nit pic Murray, but I think the first withdrawal began the month before with 25,000. Not sure if any Marine units were included though. I left late 69′ . Bill 0331 Semper Fi.

        1. Bill, To make it more clear, I was the 49,999 man pulled out, and it was the beginning of August. We left with Ninth Marines (1/9, 2/9, 3/9). So as I said I was with the first 50,000 pulled out in Aug69. I didn’t want to go I had just got back there. Because we were under strength they had to transfer men into our Company same as all the units to get up to the 50,000 for the News media. Bill, somebody else is always first and always better. I am only a “Pawn in Their Game” and I have no intention of crossing the board to become King. Murray 1371

          1. We were all pawns, They made fools of us, we were young and dumb, trying to be men!? Still haunted by wounded Marines calling for their Mom. They could have at least let us win! Nick 0311

        2. Some reading this might not believe me but while at Liberty Bridge the Seabee company that was building the new bridge somehow got a small rock band to come out and put on a show. I think that they were from Australia. What I remember most about it was the female singer in the mini-skirt and, that after the show the members of the band wanted to shoot some of our weapons so, we all walked down to the first bridge and let them shoot. Someone gave the girl a .45 to shoot and when she fired the first round it startled her so much that she turned it back towards us ! Some one quickly took it away. Whew! I was standing about 6 feet away when it happened. I think at the time there was a company from 1/5 assigned there then . This was late 68 or early 69. Anyone there at that time? Harry 1371

    2. The same thing happened to my friend RALPH PALMER. He was lucky enough to be chosen to see HOPE in 69. He said the same thing so far away he could hardly hear or see.

  2. I was there too. High lite of my tour. Raquel Welch was of course incredible, I still have my 8mm movie of her dancing. OPh yeah, Bob Hope was pretty good too.

    1. I was at An Hoa with 2/11 Hq Battery as a 2531 and had been in country about 4 weeks when I was told to load up in deuce and a half and go to the Bob Hope show in 1967 at hill 327. We were on the right side up by the light pole. I had the option to sleep (been on duty all night in the FDC) or go to the show. That was a no brainer with Raquel Welch on stage and ??? who was Miss World.

      1. any chance you knew or heard of Sgt David Mahan kia 13 sept 1968? he was a morter repairman. Want to know any details please

        1. Hi Gene. Sorry for your loss. On Sept 13, 1968, L/Cpl Steven R Brooks, Cpl. Vernon D. Jones, and Sgt. David A Mahan were riding in a 6X truck with some other Marines near Tuy-Loan in Quang-Nam Province when a M26 grenade was accidentally dropped and exploded,killing Mahan,Jones and Brooks. The incident was ruled accidental. Sorry for your loss. SEMPER FI! Harry 1371

          1. They were on their way back from a supply run, all members of BLT 1/7 . I think there were 5 injured. Paul S.

  3. While attached to an US Army Advisory team (SU1, 1stAng) in III corps saw Bob Hope at USARV Long Binh post December 68.

  4. I saw the Bob Hope show in Da Nang
    In 1966 and will always remember Bob Hope’s opening line…
    “ I’m glad to see all you fellas are HOLDING YOUR OWN” followed by that classic Bob Hope expression, I was about ten rows back

    1. I had three tours in Vietnam and never saw a Bob Hope show but my three sisters back in the states all said they saw me in one or more of his shows. Only one I remember was a guy sitting on top of an amtrac with a recording device and an amplifier . I think his name was Russ Arno and he knew Frank Sin and in 1970 on my third tour I flew with an Australian floor show to LZ Baldy by mistake and again the next day to An Hoa combat base. They thought I was their security, even though I had no weapons and The guy I relieved picked me up and took me to the clul where the girls in the show acknowledged me in the audience and the gunny I relieved asked how did they know me. I just said I traveled with them the past couple of days.

  5. I was at this show,but we were way out in no man’s land past Marble Mt. and got to the show before it started,but after almost everyone got there. I remember walking up from behind the stage,and the whole hill was covered.There were a lot of choppers and trucks all around,and we climbed to the top of the hill.We could just barely see the stage,but it was fun.I was in 1ST. Armored Amphibian Co. -0848.Just a few days later-Dec.29th. my best friend got killed -Denny Schlott-at the CauViet River alone with several members of our 1ST. Platoon.God Bless-Semper Fi-Mike

    1. I messed up. I saw Bob in 66 at DaNang. all the other details of my comment are correct. Denny and my other friends were K.I.A. Dec.29th.,66.
      Hands across my body,pulling from side to side,
      as our Brothers bleed to death,in my sleep I cried.
      Hands that held me tight,I was torn apart,
      trying to live in the present,but in the past I’d lost my heart.

    2. Marble Mountain was not “No mans Land” I was crows nest late 69 on Marble Mountain not far from “China Beach” and Marine chopper base. Would not call it “No Mans Land” You must have it confused with other location. Bill 0331

  6. SSgt Russ Mook

    I was there in 67. Not very good seat, but wonderful memories. Do not understand why they do not show his shows on TV every Christmas. It would mean so much to so many.

    1. Saw Bob’s show in DaNang in ’67 and again in ChuLai in ’68. Never had good seats but that didn’t matter, he is quite the showman and his entourage was always very talented and good looking. Always tell people I spent 2 Christmases in VietNam and the only person I saw both times was Bob Hope. There’s a lot of Bob’s Christmas shows on You Tube. I watch the DaNang video, about an hour, every Christmas season, with a few adult beverages of course. SemperFi.

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