Boot Camp Haircut

Being the young smart ass that I was, I figured I could out smart the barbers at MCRD, San Diego. Two days before I left for boot camp, I went into my local barbershop and got myself a really short butch haircut. Well, this didn’t faze the barber at all. He said “Well, we have a smart ass here” and proceeded to shave my head with a razor, no lather either. I didn’t need a hair cut the rest of the 16 weeks I was there. At age 87, I still wear my hair “high and tight”.
SEMPER FI to all the current Jarheads and those like myself, living the old Corps.
GySgt Hicks 1954-1974

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  1. Jan. 1982 Myself and three other boot camp Marines were in the barracks for some reason I do not remember. I was an avid softball player and decided that I would demonstrate what I would do.At home plated I started to narrate; I hit the ball just over the head of the third baseman, I took off running to imaginary bases. First, second and rounding third base for home. I hit the floor to slide into home for a home run. It was a perfect slide, I looked up and there was the Senior D.I. for the other platoon. Still to this day I do not remember what happened.

    1. July/August 1964 at PI I did something (?), the Senior DI walked up yelled something, and then I was staring at the sky. Next he said something in his soft loving voice about the Motivation Platoon. I have never been so motivated since then.

      Semper Fi

  2. If the Marine Corps wanted you to have hair, it would’ve issued it to you.

    Once most of us reached about age 60, our ‘high & tight’ went from ear to ear and we combed with a wash cloth.

  3. Maybe it was just a way to support the barbers but, in 1958 at MCRDSD, we got a “haircut” about every 2-3 weeks until the last 4 or 5 weeks when they let the top grow a little for graduation. No one cared whether we needed it or not. If it got over an 8th of inch one DI was fond of calling us a “bunch of f-ing hippies (that movement was just getting started). I spent 16 weeks in boot camp, the first 3 waiting for the 3 platoons to fill out before we could start “formal” training. Those 3 weeks were a bitch, however, because the DIs had no real schedule so they just thought up crap to keep us guessing. In the long run it helped because they were able to prep us for other stuff. By the time the 3rd platoon had formed up we were already looking pretty sharp on the grinder.

    1. Hey Jim, those 3 weeks could have turned out to be 3 weeks of mess duty…….knifes, forks, spoons private…….Remember that one! 🙂

  4. yes sergeant, I would call you very innovative Marine and must have been an asset to the corps needles. Semper -Fi Gny/Sgt. Ed Noll

  5. I bet no one forgets that night. I visited the museum and as I was standing next to the “Green Bus, on the Yellow Footprints” I started to laugh, a woman standing close by asked what I found so funny, ” my answer of course If You Never Stood on These you’d Never Understand”

  6. Were you a Senior Drill Instructor at PI in 1967 by any chance? Second Battalion, Platoon 2020, August thru October.

  7. I remember the guy who said: “just take a little off the top and shape the sides”… That was the first guy in the chair and the barber ask him how he’d like it cut…He got an X before being scaled!!

  8. I just found out that the Barber had worked at San Diego MCRD for over 50 years. I got my haircut in 1978, l still have a buzz cut, but not a shaved head and a little bit on the top, too drastic for Me, and it scares people, I teach now, little ones, they freak out quickly. Semper Fidelis Marines Past, Present and Future!

  9. Arrived at PI …(ZERO DARK THIRTY) on August 27th, 1976. Later that morning after the sun got up, they took us for our haircuts. There was a barber working in there I had seen in OLD Recruiting videos.
    Many years later, I was STILL seeing him in newer Recruiting videos. He must be one of those “50 years barbers.” S/F.

    SSGT. Tony Woconish

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