Boot Camp Story by Bill Ashworth

I was in Boot Camp at Parris Island in 1955 we started out in the wooden barracks 1st bat. The Sr DI came in and said we were moving the 3rd Bat we moved in Quonset huts then we went to the rifle range we had the M1s while we were at the range one of our JR DIs cured me of smoking we were in Quonset huts after lights out like I said one of our JR DIs caught a guy smoking and the DI his name was Sgt Hatchel he told us to get out scrub buckets he marched us to the head and told us to light up I told him sir I don’t smoke and he told me tough sh,t one of the guys gave me a cig.  And we had to put the bucket over our heads and smoke the cig. And cured me from smoking.

Bill Ashworth CPL E3 old Corps 1955 to 1964, PLT.138.  I was in the Reserves in 1954 went 2 weeks summer camp I loved it so much when we got back I went in the regular CORPS thanks Semper FI

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8 thoughts on “Boot Camp Story by Bill Ashworth”

  1. PI 2/62 PLT 208 Wouldn’t barracks(wouldn’t go back)and counted the days. Out in ’65 and missed ‘nam. Lost friends but still a Marine for life.

  2. PI ‘75. A Recruit got caught with nearly a full pack of cigs in his field jacket. Sr. DI had him stuff all the cigs in his mouth and lit them up . Poor guy had to smoke them up all at once

  3. I was at PI in the summer of 1981 with Platoon 2063. We stayed in the “new” brick barracks for all three phases right across from the parade grinder and the Iwo Jima monument, but I was fortunate enough to at least stay in the old wooden barracks for Receiving. Semper Fi.
    Mike Kunkel
    Cpl 0331
    Lima 3/8

  4. the D I’s did that in 1951 as well. Yeah, that million dollar experience that I
    wouldn’t give ten cents for. I loved it.

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