Bow Your Head

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Sgt Grit,

Usually, I read the “posers” posts and move on. No one likes the idea, but there will always be those that strive for what they have not earned. But as I read the newsletter today, it bothered me. Monday is Memorial Day, not Veterans Day -but Memorial Day. The day set aside to remember those that have given the Ultimate Sacrifice, no longer here to read the newsletter. In actuality, those that gave all, gave for fellow Marines, Sailors, Soldiers, and Airmen.  In the moment of sacrifice, whether from the mast of a ship, in the jungle of Nicaragua, the black sands of a volcanic island, over a coral reef, a frozen reservoir, on a red dirt hilltop near the DMZ, in a concrete building at a Lebanese airport, in the streets of Fallujah, or an Afghan mountainside, they gave for the ones on the right and the left.  The Fallen have sacrificed for fellow service members that also earned the right to wear the uniform. That is what makes the poser despicable. So this weekend wherever you may be, remember that it is YOU, not the poser, that holds the responsibility to bow your head and remember them, and say a prayer for their families.

Gary Cagle

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