Bravo Co 1st Bn 5th Marines Weapons Platoon from Desert Storm

Im looking for my any of my fellow Jarheads from Bravo 1/5 Weapons Plt especially Mortars. Cpl Gross, Sgt Reese, Cpl Duenas, Cpl Parra…etc…. Heres a pic 6months after getting back from Desert Storm, we went to Okinawa, Japan. Mt Fuji, Japan.

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  1. We might have crossed paths at some point. I was with the Engrs. that operated the ferry crossing the Song-Tu-Bon at Liberty Bridge/Phu-Loc-6 May-68 to Apr-69 Many Marines crossed there Harry 1371 RVN 4-Apr-68 to 22-Apr-69

  2. Harry,We certainly chewed some of the same dirt.You must have been there on Mar. 19, 1969 as well. Phu Lac 6, Liberty Bridge. That was a PUCKER factor day and night.! As written about in the V F W book Brutal Battles of Vietnam and the article as well. WELCOME HOME BROTHER! Thanks Sgt. Grit for this forum. Semper Fi!

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