Bruce the Moose newspaper clipping


Here we are again the Gunny is making a big hit around my area every one thinks he so Marine He dose what a marine is told to do with out questioning it he has been on meny missions in the last 2 years ..If he can make a Family smile when they have lost a loved one or make an old marine in a nursing home or soldiers home smile thats all that matters, Hes a Patriot Gurad Rider mascot Since im A ride captian & flag director the gunny is mine to take care of and hes only 22 months at this point ..hes a real little trooper.. We have done home commings and send offs and also been there for are fallen troops (Gunny Sgt Bruce The MOOSE)

One thought on “Bruce the Moose newspaper clipping”

  1. Nice uniform.Is that WW1 vintage?I wish I could get a better look at the rifle.Those ammo pouches look to be 30:06 size which would be the 1903 Springfeild.I was fortunate enough to train with the M-14.I’m still hooked on the 7.62×51.It’s my favorite deer cartridge.Semper Fi brother.

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