Bumper Stickers From My Era

Looking through your closeout items I was glad to see a couple of bumper stickers from my era. The Cold War (1955 – 1959). Thank you.

I was p-ssed when I:

1. Got demoted from Sgt to Cpl (rate change structure).
2. Didn't receive a Fire Watch ribbon (National Defense).
3. Can't join the American Legion (on my own merit).

Don't get me wrong, I love the Corps.

Thank you for remembering us.

Dennis Warn
Sgt. E4
USMC 1955-1959 

Cold Warrior's Bumper Sticker

One thought on “Bumper Stickers From My Era”

  1. 1371 engineer 8/4/58-12/6/69 2nd marine 3rd 1st marine u.s.asst.friendly foreign nations. Vietnam 1964
    Participated in counterinsurgency:19651966 1969

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