Burial Detail


It was a beautiful Sunday morning at Camp Pendleton outside the quonset huts under Mount Mother F…..   That was the mountain that you never wanted to be caught looking at, or you would be running up the fire break to the top and back down again. Anyway, we were all sitting on our footlockers writing letters, reading newspapers, shining brass etc. and enjoying the precious free time we got on Sunday mornings.  Through the quiet morning mountain air, we heard one of the DIs yell from the duty hut, “BURIAL DETAIL!”. No one moved until he repeated the order even louder, “BURIAL DETAIL REPORT TO THE DUTY HUT!!!!”.  With that, 4 or 5 volunteer recruits jumped up and ran up to the duty hut, stopped at the position of attention, and replied, “Burial detail reporting as ordered, Sir”
“Get in here pukes” the drill instructor bellowed. “I just killed this fly and I want a proper burial for him on the top of Mount Mother F…..”. “Aye! Aye!, Sir” replied burial detail, and off they went.  They ran up that mountain carefully carrying the deceased fly.
Through the quiet morning air you could hear from the top of the mountain, “We are gathered today to lie to rest…” and all of the normal things that are said at a proper burial. The burial detail ran all the way down the mountain, back to the duty hut, snapped to attention, and out of breath, yelled “Mission Accomplished, Aye!, Aye!, Sir”
The DI then asked, “Did you bury him on his belly or his back? (you know there was no correct answer).  Upon receiving the incorrect answer the DI screamed, “YOU WHAT? GET BACK UP THERE AND TURN HIM OVER!”.  Off they went, back to the top of that mountain, to give that fly to a his proper eternal rest.

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