C.G. Morgan – Sgt Grit Newsletter 18 AUG 2011

One of many great stories from this week's Sgt Grit Newsletter…

In 1964 we were in Okinawa. Living in tents at the time there. I got a call to get a fire team and to go to the NCO club to clean it up. Well the Gunny was pretty please with the work we had done he asked if there was anything he could do for us. I replied we hadn't had any fresh eggs in a very long time and it would be great to have some instead of eggs from a can LOL. So the Gunny called down to the tent city mess hall and told them he was sending C.G. Morgan and his men down and to take care of him and his crew. When we arrived there cooks lined up with fresh eggs real plates and they were in dress uniforms instead of kahkies because they had mistaken the gunny thinking that I was a General because of the C.G. in my name. They had thought I was a Commanding General. I don't remember the Gunny's name but thanks Gunny.

Cpl. C. G. Morgan USMC

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