C-Rations & MRE’s

The first C rations I had(at P.I.) were boxed the same year I was born 1943.
Needless to say the smokes were a little stale but didn't stop us from using
them. In Div.someone came up with the idea of making pizza out of the white
bread sliced about a 1/4 in thick with cheese spread on it along with other
leftover's and the good ole Tabasco on top. You added enough water to the
can to just cover the bread and set it on the fire until the water was
cooked out.It tasted pretty darn good when you are out in the bush.We all
had a bottle of the Tabasco we “checked out” from the Mess Hall.
G Niemann 60-64

From a 2001 Sgt Grit Newsletter


I remember how after Mt. Pinatubo erupted in 91 we had no running water, so we used the sleeves of the MRE boxes lined with trash bags as crappers. Talk about recycling.
Cpl Long M.A.
Wpns Co. 1/24

From a 2002 Newsletter



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