Call me Doc

Call me Doc

I served as a Navy Corpsman from 1988-1996.  I hever served on a ship or sub but I've repelled out of choppers, dug foxholes, slept in the rain, ate MREs, carried a 16, and driven a Humvee.  The only time I wore blue was in bootcamp. I say Ooh-Rah not Aye-Aye. I only know the begining of "Anchors Away" but can sing "The Halls of Montezuma" in my sleep.  I know all the MARINE jokes and have told them hundreds of times.  I cuss at the stupid crap you do that makes more work for me.  I threaten to loose your shot records if I don't get my way.  I call you grunt and jarhead when I know you prefer Devil Dog or Leather Neck just to push your buttons.  I would crawl through hell to get to you and drag you back. I would give my life for any and everyone of you and can never thank you nor repay you for giving your life for me and my family.  Some call me a sailor or a squid, but my friends call me Doc.

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  1. Ooh-Rah back at you, read and agree 100%. I wore the Cracker Jack & dungarees during boot camp NTC San Diego and Corps School at the pink whore in SD. then on to FMSC at Pendleton. ” Marine Doc” there after. 2 years in the Nam. Glad you made it. Semper Fi Doc.

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