Camp Fuji 1960

Camp Fuji 1960


I was in Mike battery on that Dec. in Fuji . We used a duece and a half to hall the guys to Gotimba. Were you at the beach when we unloaded the powder and rounds for the 05 and 55? The crane on deck started to slide sideways right into the powder bags and all the old war vets on the beach hit the sand before the thing stopped sliding. I had no idea at that time, but it was a instinct reaction on their part as I stood there with my hands in my pocket.

John Fern

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  1. I enjoyed Mt. Fuji Cold Weather Training (Nov/64) with Fox 2/3 on our 3-day operation our platoon sgt. told us to fill 1-canteen with water the other we could put some hootch in for the cold nights as we be sleeping in a mummy bag and no shelter halves! Our last night we were deployed on this hill when around midnight tanks assualted us. The noise , the spotlights and half intoxicated and trying to get out of that bag with a frozen stuck zipper I thought I was dead! We got back to our area in time for friday night cinderalla liberty call. I can still remember at the E.M. club they had a Sony juke box that played the song, with the artist in a video it was the coolest thing I had ever seen at the time!

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