Camp Napunja, Okinawa

In your most recent Newsletter, Barry Farris commented on the blank stares that he receives when he mentions that he was stationed at Camp Napunja, Okinawa in 1956.  I also have had the same problem when I say that I was at Camp Napunja in 1956 with the 3rd. Bn. 9th. Marines, after leaving Camp Okabu, japan, more blank stares.  Napunja was still under construction when we hit the beach and was pretty much the way Farris describes it.  I'm proud to say that our 3rd. Bn. included Col. Archie VanWinkle, Medal of Honor, then Weapons Company Comander and Col. Joe "Bull" Fisher, "Operation Starlite", then George Company Comander.  After 80 years of life it's good to hear from someone else who was there.  Semper Fi.

Karl Henry, Cpl. S2 0231  

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