Campaign Dates

Campaign Dates

Your site is prized by most Marine veterans that I know. When I wear the cover shown above, I do not do it to have people thank me for my service. That is appreciated; however the reason I wear it is that I get "Semper Fi" and "Ooorah's" from folks I'd never met before and it usually strikes up a good conversation of when they served and where. Many times, they want to know where I got my cover and I am happy to share that it is your website. I personalized my ribbons on my cover by adding campaign stars and my "60-" device to the Republic of Vietnam Campaign Ribbon. I got a generic Vietnam Service Ribbon bumper sticker and made a stencil to add my campaign stars with spray paint. I've had a lot of interest in this and usually got some chuckles when I told them how I did it. Feel free to publish the Vietnam Service Medal campaign dates. You might put out some feelers to see if folks might be interested in personalizing their covers or bumper stickers to reflect their time in "the Nam."

Steve Hansen
MGySgt USMC (Long Ret.)

Get your own cover/hat at:

Vietnam Ribbon Cover/Hat

Vietnam Ribbon Cover/Hat

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    1. Served in E/2/5 up in northern China. Town was called Choa- Ko- Chung & had one of the four large coal mines .We worked at guarding the mine as well as train guard. Now 87 years old but still kicking. God Bless America !!

      1. My cousin served 6mar.Div on Okinawa then in China passed away in 1996 john Nalbach—–I served in 1950/54 best of times semper fi weapns 1-5/g-3-8

  1. There are no Marines long dead we always have each other. Be proud, Gunnies are the back bone and heart beat of the Marine Corps. Never met one I didn’t like. Milburn D.D. Nam ’65-’66 Semper Fi Gunny

  2. The old” China Marines” are part of the history and heart of the Corps. I had the privilege to know one of them and hear some of his experiences. What we think of as “the Old Corps”. Be proud of your service Gunny and for all the young Marines you helped through the years. Bob “Stick” Arends ’56-’60, one of the last of the E-4 Buck Sgts.

  3. I remember the E4 buck sgts. Three of my DIs were E4 bucks. They changed the rank not long after I enlisted Dec 1958 Sgt E5 James L Collins

  4. Ah Yes the old ranks, I made SSgt in 1957, then sometime around 60/61 I became an Acting SSgt, then in 1964 I once again made SSgt. Talk about advancing.

  5. Retired soldier 76 yrs. old man, Nam Vet.,USMC, E-4,1962/1972, proud be a Marine. Once a marine you always a marine. “Semper Fi” This is my country now, I was not born here in USA, but I do love this country and I am ready in my capacity to fight once again if is necessary in order to protect our freedom and our life style. My heart, soul and love are with those brave soldiers in combats all over were ever they are in this planet and specially my respect to disable veterans, and my condolence to family to those love ones who lost their lives.GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  6. iam not sure about anything, but i was in service during 72 and 73. had a awful time, i still am proud of being a marine. i think myself will never forget bein a marine. i was retired at the end of july 17,1973. i must have been hit in the head because i just cant get everything strait. have been trying to get some worked out. i hope i can remember . seems like i have beeen brainwashed some way. i remember a whole lot of storys. hope iam not crazy. praying for those who are serving now, hoping everyone gets to come home soon and safe. was a member of dav till 2014, was hurting so bad at that time, had joined the commanders club. they would send me calanders. i have a 2010 and a 2013 dav sticker on my old truck. just put the 2010 one on the other day, had been in my bible at the front for a long time. would like to say a big thank you veterans and those that are serving. may god bless and keep you all.

  7. gary 68 yrs.old- usmc- Vietnam- 69-70. I will take a bullet to see a person or persons go free.that is what I am made of. thanks,gary rank-e4

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