63 thoughts on “Can You Pick Out The Marine?”

    1. Yeah…let see…my psychology 101 is kicking in…he isn’t smiling, he is turn away from the camera’s lens and he and only he has his arms folded….p.o.’ed …..again…????? Semper Fi….

          1. 2nd row, 2nd from the right. Stern look, at attention, clean shaven, Jarhead if I’ve ever seen one.

  1. The bad-ass salty looking, cover cocked, gentleman in the middle row, third from the left, beside the guy in his ‘civies.’

  2. Use your eyeballs, Marines. Middle row, 3rd from left. Besides the folded arms, check the cover insignia. The only one different from the Squids.

  3. After studying the picture I picked two people middle row 3rd from left and back row 4th from lest. but with further studying the two people I decided that the one in the 2nd row with his armed folded had the look of an old salty dog MARINE, that did have an attitude that said what the hell am I standing with all these swab jockey, I would rather be in the jungle or drinking beer. The man in the 4th row looks like a young ensign who is scared S&*&*& less and is wondering what in the hell he was doing in this ;picture!!!!

  4. After looking at this pic for a short time, and before reading everyone’s posts, I decided on the guy in the second row, third from the left. He is the only one who seems disgusted with the whole affair. There were a couple of others I thought of, but Capt. George C. Reid stood out.

  5. From left to right, The Third man of the second row seems to have a very distinct attitude and has distinguished his self from the rest. In my opinion he bears a striking resemblance to my neighbors English Bull Dog.

  6. Top row fourth from the left. He’s the only one who’s awake and paying attention. Snooze time for the rest.

  7. Second row third from left. Cover cocked to the side, arms folded, thousand yard stare, looks like he really don’t give a crap!

  8. How about the cameraman? They all have Navy uniforms except the guy with the top hat. No Marine would want to dress like a navy guy. Not even an officer. Just a thought.

  9. Grant Cunningham 1stsgt 1956-1984 September 5, 2016 at 09:30 am Back Row 4th from the left most square away

  10. Marines of the late 1800s to early 1900s period often displayed ‘Attitude’ by means of crossed arms and a dour expression, as if to say “This is a bulls–t waste of time” , or ‘Don’t even think about messing with me.”

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