Cartoon-like Drawings of Wars and Marines

I found this drawing that was like all the other cartoon like drawings of Wars and Marines. I thought maybe your readers might like to see what Marines thought like back then. Note the M60 Machine Gun on his shoulder and the Fierce Eyes and the way he carried Grenades.

He’s walking in Mud like we spent a lot of time doing during Monsoon season. I don’t know who drew this but he did right by us.

GySgt. F. L. Rousseau, USMC Retired

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2 thoughts on “Cartoon-like Drawings of Wars and Marines”

  1. outstanding SGT. these men are silent hero’s and under appreciated with there lives on the line I thank God and people like you and these Marines for there sacrifice they are the forgotten until people you bring it into the light. You are men that stand in harms way all the time. Salute to you and all the men in Marine Corp. You are not forgotten Sgt. I will always remember the fallen and those whose lives are on the line at any given time I will never forget.

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