Homes For Our Troops

On Saturday, I attended a ceremony turning over keys to a new house presented by Homes for our Troops to Marine L/Cpl Thomas Parker in Polson, MT. Parker was wounded in Afghanistan in 2010 as a member of 3/5. Veterans greeted him at Missoula Airport in January 2011 on his first trip home. This is the first HFOT home in Montana. One year ago, my wife and I also attended a home turnover by Homes For Our Troops to Marine Sergeant Justin Maynard in Cottonwood, AZ.

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Dedicated To 1/9

First photo is Mt. Whitney ascent in September 2014, 705 ft. short of reaching the summit elevation due to one in our party getting altitude sickness. Hike dedicated to 1/9.

Second photo is in 2013 on sub dome before going up the cables of Half Dome in Yosemite with the colors dedicated to the Marines of 1/9, and I ran into some young active duty current era Marines of the 23rd Marines with their colors.

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Radio Telegraph School 1957

I would like to submit two photographs from my time in the Corps. The first one is from Radio Telegraph School at MCRD in San Diego. The photo was taken 7 March 1958 of class 151, which started in the fall of 1957 and ended in spring of 1958. I am hoping that anyone that didn't get a copy, or lost their copy, will see it and have it as a memento again. I am submitting it as a result of seeing Cpl Dick Martell's photo of his Radio Telegraph School class from Christmas of 1965. I noticed that the locale of the two photo's is different. Ours was just outside the classroom.

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1954 Ford and 45 Years

I have seen in the past few newsletters, Marines sending pictures of their cars and trucks with items from your store. I have just completed a nut and bolt restoration/customizing of my 1954 Ford F-100. I wanted to have something special made to honor my friends, friends I made 45 years ago in a really ugly hooch. I had the honor and the privilege to be with 11th Marines and living, eating, a tad bit of drinking, and standing watch with Don Whitton, John Gugliotta, and Jim Fuller. We still speak and visit to this day.

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Walking in 1/9 (Walking Dead or Walking Death?)

First and foremost, Semper Fi to all Marines and specifically for this article to my 1/9 Brothers.

The Marines of 1/9 have a very long history, decorated for extensive combat in World War II and in Vietnam which earned them the nickname the "Walking Dead." Formed during World War I, 1st Battalion, 9th Marine Regiment has also seen action in Iraq and Afghanistan. It has been based around the world to include 1st Marine Division Camp Pendleton, Okinawa Japan and recently deactivated out of Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. Mostly you will hear the term “Walking Dead” when 1/9 is mentioned, but the fact remains that 1/9 also has a reputation for heroism that included Medal of Honor recipients at Guam and Iwo Jima during World War II and two in Vietnam.

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Edson’s Raiders

While reading the last newsletter, I noted several book recommendations by readers. One about Carlson's Raiders and another about Iwo.

I would like to add one more, which I consider one of the best narratives of the exploits (Guadalcanal, Tulai, Savo, etc.) of Edson's 1st Raider Battalion. The book is: Edson's Raiders: The 1st Marine Raider Battalion in World War II.

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Sands of Iwo Jima Cast

I bought a fixer upper 7 years ago and was in the market to buy a front door.  I ran into the proprietor Arthur who I noticed was wearing a USMC ring proudly.  We shared sea stories.  He not only gave me a great deal on a door, he gave me a copy this photo… to boot!  He was proud and I made him mark where he was in the photo and sign the back of it.  Stated that soon afterwards his unit was sent to Korea… I currently have it on top of my mantel at home. 

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The Marine In The Picture

You can tell Gunny Rousseau that the Marine in the picture with his article on 'Scrounging in Vietnam' is (was?) Sgt. Lucas, a team leader with Alpha Co. 1st ReconBn. I don't remember all the details but he was wounded being extracted from a hot LZ sometime in late '68. He 'nodded off' when the Doc had to cut out part of the wound – took him months to live that down.

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