Cold Weather Operation

Here are a few pictures from the Med float we did in the 1984. We (Lima 3/8) did a joint operation with the Norwegian Home Guard before we landed back in Beirut to relieve 2/8. It was a cold-weather operation so to prepare us for the operation we went up to Camp Ripley Minnesota. And let me tell you it was cold as a witch’s… read more

Sgt Maj

Just want to say Hi to all of my friends that helped me in my fox hole in '64-'66 in Khe Sanh. If it wasn't for them I'd be dead meat for the viet cong. I was the only one that was alive, when the 365 helicopter unit come to pick me up, I took a hit from a sniper bullet in my leg, but I held on to the rope in mid air for a mile or so still under fire. Thank you brothers on the Iron Horse for saving my life. read more

Dedicated To 1/9

First photo is Mt. Whitney ascent in September 2014, 705 ft. short of reaching the summit elevation due to one in our party getting altitude sickness. Hike dedicated to 1/9.

Second photo is in 2013 on sub dome before going up the cables of Half Dome in Yosemite with the colors dedicated to the Marines of 1/9, and I ran into some young active duty current era Marines of the 23rd Marines with their colors. read more

10th Marine Regiment

I was a radio operator and stationed at Camp LeJeune H&S btry, 4th Bat, 10th Mar. The year was 1954. My question is, what happened to the 10th Mar. Regiment?

My dad was a marine in 1920, my older brother 1952 to 1955. Served 2 tours over Korea. My younger brother joined me in the 10th in 1955. My oldest son served 4 years. read more

Visiting Camp Lejeune

What a pleasure it was to meet the Marines of Camp Lejeune N.C. as I attended the Marine South Expo. I had always been west with my husband so this was my first time experiencing the East Coast and I have to say I loved it! Here are a few pics of some of the people I met. read more

Photos From World War I

I have been given the honor of maintaining the personal items that belonged to my paternal grandfather, Oscar Steiner King, USMC 1917 – 1919. Among them are a number of photos from WWI and what appear to be some official U.S. Marine Corps photo post cards taken during boot camp. My grandfather was with the 78th Company, 2nd Marines, 6th Battalion. He was part of the 2nd Replacement Battalion which replenished the 2/6 after the Battle of Belleau Woods. read more

Prosthetic Artwork

After reading this story: "Marine comes in for brace and wants to know if he can have T-Shirt art work put on the brace." I wanted to share this.

I asked the guys at The James A. Haley VA Hospital Prosthetic Dept. in Tampa, FL., if they could take my black T-Shirt with The Marine Corps Emblem and The "Walking Dead" 1st BN. 9th Marines logo, and put it on my new left leg. I was in Vietnam in early '69 with the 1/9. read more